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Am Carer For My Husband


I have been on here for a few months but just reading till a couple of days ago, so thought I'd better introduce myself. My husband has Asthma/Emphysema, he spent Christmas 2008 in hospital with a collapsed lung first in Salford Royal and then transferred to Wythenshawe because he looked like the Michelin man. He came out of hospital on New Years day with an appointment for the following week and District Nurses coming to change his dressing etc. Eventually transferred back to the care of Dr Taggert at Salford and then just to his GP.

Fine except for the usual SOB and some infections until earlier this year. Came down one Saturday morning with some paper hankies in a plastic bag and said he was coughing up blood. Took him to A & E at Salford, who sorted him out with a nebuliser, steroids, antibiotics & X-ray and referred him to chest clinic. Upshot is there are changes showing in his lungs and Dr O'Driscoll has referred him to Prof Denning's Aspergilloma Centre at Wythenshawe to see what is the best course of action to be taken. Post has arrived whilst typing this and appointment is for Friday 5th October @ 9.15am will need to see if we can change that for a later time as Jim cannot do anything quickly otherwise it will mean getting up extra early to get there in time.

Jim goes to our daughter's every afternoon which gives me chance to do jobs around the house but at present having to go to my parents twice a week to see to Mum while Dad does the shopping don't know whether this will become permanent fixture yet or not.

I'd better go and get something done and take my prescription to the Doctors.

See you all again soon have a good day and breathe easy.


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Welcome along Sheila

Good to hear that Jim is getting his appointments and treatment OK, It can be a pain with all the waiting, but you're getting there. I guess the aspergilloma showed on an x-ray, lets hope the investigations bring some positive results.

I'm always having to tell the hospital that I can't do morning appointments. I need time to wake up properly, get my body sorted out and then think about getting there.

Yes this is the problem with Jim he usually gets up about 8.30 has a sit with a cup of coffee then goes up to get washed and dressed then do his breathing exercises, then comes back down has a shave, another coffee and some toast then he's ready to go out by this time it's getting on for 11 o'clock.


Hi and welcome :)

hello and welcome,

I help my mum look after my dad who has Emphysema and IPF. Since dad came out of hospital a few weeks ago we have had to move his bed downstairs as he couldn't manage the stairs anymore. That helps a great deal. Dad has to take it slowly in the morning too and has a hospital appointment Friday at 09.30. How annoying. I did tell dad I would ring them and ask for a lter one but he said to leave it so I didn't argue. Plus there is an awful lot of walking to get to where he needs to go so am worried. I will offer to get a wheelchair for him but I know he will say no.

Hope all goes well for hubbys appointment xx

Hello and welcome,x

Tanyanmarie, when i have an appointment at our local hospital, its a huge new building, i cannot walk too for due to sob. so my daughter goes to the appointments desk and asks for a porter with a chair to take me to wherever i have to go. This is always done and the hospital are so helpful and see it as part of their job. Perhaps you may be able to find out if your hospital has this system when you take your Dad for his appointments, as usually you will find, the older generation like being independant, but also do as 'doctors etc. tell them' so if you got a porter with wheelchair, i am sure your Dad will use it as he will assume it is part of his treatment, i hope so, as it will make it so much easier for him and you - good luck and hope your Dad is starting to feel better x

Hi Sheila, glad you have posted on here as everyone is very kind, supportive and full of all sorts of info. I am carer for my husband Pete and he has sarcoidosis and COPD to name but two of his many problems. He and I laugh when the Brompton in London expect him to be there for 9a.m! They have no idea and it will never happen. We just about make the journey for around 11a.m. I do wish you and Jim well and hope good things happen for you both. It is hard to have to care for others but when you love someone, you just do it don't you? We also keep an eye on Pete's mum as she has onset dementia. Take care xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Sheila welcome.


Hi Sheila,

The BLF Family, friends and carers project have lots of information for people like yourself who are caring for someone with lung disease.

Here you can download the information booklet which details things you should know to care for both your husband and equally - yourself!

Hope you find it useful,

BLF Family, friends and carers

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