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Hello !

Hi everyone, hope you are all well! Just an update to let you know I feel a little better on 2 lots of antibiotic's and steroids still. Ok when sitting but as you will all know its different matter trying to move about! Another few days and hopefully will be home. :) Keep your fingers crossed; I will do what I am told though no point in rushing don't want to end up back in here.

Sending best wishes to you all and a big thank you Love Val xxx :)

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everything crossed for you Val.Everyone hoping that you will be home soon.Take it easy xx

Hi Val, good to hear you are feeling a little better! Marie x

laptop and a dongle (or attach mobile to laptop if you got free internet access)

works a treat xxxx :)

oh behave stitch, you aint goin anywhere mr!

Lap top and dongle stitch :) x

hope ur well soon !

all the best !

Good to hear you are on the mend hope you will be home very soon. Take care.


gawd blimey woman - ya dragging that out just to get free grub !!!! lol :)

so chuffed your getting better - was very worried about you.

lots of love n hugz xxxxx


So so sorry to read you are in hospital. Don't come on here much lately, just so busy. It sounds like you are starting to get on the mend with the antibiotics so just rest (as if you can do much else) and fingers crossed you will be home very soon xx

come on we miss your input here, glad you're feeling better, take care and take your time. xx

Glad you are on the mend Val just take it slowly as you say no point in trying to rush things

Jo :-)

Take care & talk soon. Marilyn x

Well done val glad you feeling better. Its nice being waited on in hospital but its much nicer being home. :)

Thanks to all

your all stars! :)

Wishing you well Val and so glad you are slowly getting better. Hope you get to go home very soon. xxxxxxxxxx

So pleased you're feeling better. Take care xx

Glad to hear that your starting to feel better xx

Hi Val,

Glad to hear you're starting to feel a bit better, good news at last.

Keep it up, we all need your valuable input.

Take care

Auntymary xxx

Honestly the lengths some people will go to to get a few more days in bed!!! keeping everything crossed Val

good luck and take care


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