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Beautiful day

What a beautiful day and I am going to make the most of it. I have had a couple of rotten days but feeling much better this morning, have got a load of washing on and another load waiting. Won't think about the ironing. I have also put the sweeper round (can't vacuum anymore).

I am going to sit in the garden and read this morning, have lunch and go back out this afternoon.

What is everyone doing today, whatever it is hope it's a good one.


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i had a fantastic day yesterday with my granddaughters who i don't get to see too often so am paying for it toady - but it was worth it!

relaxation all the way today


Think we might head out for the day. A little bit of walking but I also want some gentians for my garden (I have a thing for blue plants!). Off out for a birthday meal tonight as I'm working on my birthday (must remember to buy cakes for the office).

Yesterday was a quiet day for me and I felt a bit discombobulated. Hoping today will be better. I'm sure it will. Have a good day whatever you are up to.


Going to sit in the sunshine after lunch to get my Vit D, weather supposed to break tomorrow.


well I'm going to do a bit of gardening, with the head gardener, who can no longer physically do it, standing over me and telling me how wrong am doing it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh joy


ditto......I mowed the garden for mum and dad in the week before doing mine......and 'the boss' was watching and made many a reference to how his garden was in such a state since he couldn't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note to bite tongue more often lol!


Dug over 2 beds at the allotment while DH had a bonfire there (I stay well away from that!). Going to do luch in a moment (only a snack then some gardening at home.

Lynne x


Well, after the 2yr old waking me up at 5am (not impressed) I had a lazy morning reading the papers after breakfast before starting lunch.

Mam and Dad came up and we had a nice roast followed by ice cream sundaes. Up until then the sun was out, it was lovely. Then the clouds came and it got quite chilly so we are all indoors now. Mum and dad gone home and the 6 yr old playing her music upstairs in her room. The 2 yr old is dropping crisps all over the floor and I just stuffed my face with some beef monster munch!

Happy Sundays xx


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