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Shocked to read this!

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Appalled, read the following:-

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Have done the same. x

just like i said five years ago the privasee laws would vanish, and remember who done it the same goverment that is trying to stop disability allowance payments.tory scum

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have emailed to my MP too! and will be buying a red pen to write " private and confidential " on ALL my post to DWP.

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sassy59 in reply to Hidden

Me too and in block capitals just in case they don't understand! xx

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That's disgusting, how dare they!

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OMG how dare they do that,it is titaly out of order and hope it is put on the news as some people dont have the net or read papers.

Hope something can be done about it.its totaly discusting xxx

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My MP now also aware.

DWP have had post opened by contractors for many, many years (at least 15). I know because I used to work there for a long time. The people doing it are subject to the Official Secrets Act in the same way as any civil servant.

The article is incorrect in one matter: The people opening the post DO NOT process the claims, this is done by civil servants. I know this because my husband works there now. This may change in the future, of course.

This is disgusting and typical conservative. Do we have no rights anymore? It makes me really angry to think that this is actually happening. Data Protection my a***!

omg this is utterly disgusting and should be brought to the attension of the public and this government needs kicking out for what its doing to this country its taking us back into the old days and poverty its down right disgusting nobody should be allowed our data except the people we send it to they are utterly out of order

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i find this very worrying as its just not right at all and will only cause more anxiety on top off all the other problems we all have.

makes you wonder what else we just dont know about really................

never the less, it wont affect the outcome of the decisions made by the DWP as to whether or they think you are entitled to benefits.