Sick of being Sick and fed up waiting for the ESA

After weeks of waiting for the dwp to sort the ESA still waiting and for the past fortnight have had less than a tenner left after direct debits gone out of my idiotic amount of tax credits that have gone in...I cannot borrow any more from family etc as cannot pay it back.

Am living on less than 80 quid a week with child benefit with 2 kids on my own and my son starts college and they have stopped his money even though they knew he was going to be starting full time.. yet won't sort that unless they have a letter from the college which I cannot now get till after Tuesday.. I am so low and have been so ill the past couple of days and now not coping... The next 2 weeks have so much cash to find for bills and car mot which will fail and then will have no car, yet can't walk far at all as back in crisis with exacerbation.. Am at the point where am so stressed not sure what to do... I haven't ever felt so friggin useless in my life..

I have always worked hard and never relied on anyone for anything and now am unable to work... Don't know what the hell to do at all... Sick of ringing them to get fobbed off and am being threatened with eviction as they haven't sorted out the housing benefit with all this going on this is no life.. ... Bad enough being so ill and being forced to stop work without them leaving me in this mess and having all this stress with 2 young kids... :-/

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  • Who is threatening you with eviction Ali? is it a private landlord ? housing association ? local council? x

  • Hi Pedantic, and lyndarose...

    It is the housing association... I am so stressed this morning really don't know what to do... My dads gf works for the benefits section of the council and has told them as of this week that they are no longer to contact me, but to go through her and that I will pay what I can once they sort the claim.. The DWP said mid week they will pay the ESA yet haven't as yet even though sent the award letter which I gave to dads gf to fax on Thursday as proof to shut the landlord up..

    Have contacted everyone I can think of including the bank... Just need the dwp to sort the claim as cannot cope like this am going to be forced to return to work and doc said that would finish me off but what do you do..

    Heads shot... xxxx

  • we do indeed and definitely not doing us any good at all, this is making me ill regardless of the state of my lungs arrghh

    That said lack of sleep nightly doesn't really help any situation as panic kicks in when have tons of stress and are so tired I can't think straight...

    Well if nothing is sorted my Monday will ring my boss see if I can return to work forget this idiotic claim... regardless..

    TC xxxx

  • I have got nothing to add but just want to say I feel for you. Illness is bad enough without having to go through all this hassle.

    Hope you can get it sorted soon. bev xx

  • If your with a housing association or council tenant they will help you if you tell them you are waiting for the housing benifit to come through.Also they would class you has a vunable adult cos of your illness.You can also get advice from a charity called shelter,they will contact a housing rights solicitor on your beharf.I hope this helps.

  • good advice mumsy xxxx Dinny xxxx

  • Hi Ali , Have you tried citizens advice ? they are often really good even if only to put you in touch with other help organizations . They are also good for form filling xxxx Dinny xxxx

  • sorry , meant to add good luck too , i really hope you get it sorted soon so your stress level can drop back to the normal everyday levels of a copd patient xxxx Dinny xxxx

  • Hi,

    Thank you mumsy that is Great advice... :-)

    Found out why the delay, They have lost my sick notes arghhh

    Having to ring daily to see if they have turned up grrr

    Aww Many thanks to you all for your advice,

    I am sick of all the stress they do not get it !.. :-/



  • Hi, i know how you feel i'm pretty much in the same situation i lost my job last year as the place shut down . We found it really hard to cope we got no help what so ever we were not getting any benefits at all except for a small amount of tax credits because my wife works 30 hours a week on minimum wage .I am on stage 3 copd so asked my doctor for advice and was told by my doctor to go back out to work so i was forced to go back out to work as we could'nt afford to pay all the bills and finding a job when you have copd as i have is very hard indeed you know the answer before you even send the application but i had to try i finally got one doing the school crossing it is not ideal but i had to take it, i find it harder and harder every day but what choice do we have.Hope you get everything sorted soon

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