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" Lung Function Test "

I went for a spirometry test on monday - With the technician informing me that the data had picked up that i was going " out of breath " - She would not say anything else ..

Is this Asthma related or a sign of COPD ? . Iam going for my blue badge medical on Tuesday and iam not really sure how they will see this - When iam on 8 predlinsone ) steroids ) a day aim ok...Just about . The rest of the time iam constantly wheezing.

Could really do with a explanation of why the spirometry test has picked up the "out of breath "

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Thats exactly what a lung function test is for Freshair. Its to see how efficiently air passes in and out of your lungs and how much you take in and expel - it tells them if there is a problem with your lungs. It may be there will be other tests they will need to do to establish if you are asthmatic or suffer from COPD or other respiratory illness. Have you had an x-ray, CT scan, bronchoscopy?

if you are concerned have a chat with your GP or consultant. Good luck with this and the assessment!



Thank You . I have not had any CT Scan or bronchoscopy ( yet) ...Your help is appreciated.


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