How do you keep yourself amused in hospital?

Recently we have had several long hospital visits with the inevitable waiting around for appointments, and before that, Puff was an inpatient for a few days.

So, just wondering what you do to alleviate the boredom, after all there's only so many old magazines you can read.

I have heard that some hospitals have internet access, but I haven't seen this myself.

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  • Lap top and dongle ha ha x

  • hi Val, is that how you're doing it? I've heard it costs a lot where the hospital provides internet access.We have a dongle for travelling but I find i quite slow.

    Hope you feel much better soon and don't have to stay there long.

  • About the same think it will take a good few days before the meds kick in thanks for asking :)

  • lol x

  • what's a dongle? something british? my last copd hospital stay was where the rooms were equipped with wi-fi, no extra charge. Better than costly cable tv.

  • Buy it plug it in ha ha x

  • as val does - laptop and dongle and of course the nintendo DS with LOADS of puzzle games.

    Out hospital provides internet access its a sort of phone/tele/internet system but it is REALLY expensive and rarely works properly ( if it works at all)

    Was in the children's ward with my granddaughter a few weeks ago and they had a TV and Wii or playstation in each room but would you believe someone has stolen the remote controls to every TV and game thingy in the ward!

  • That sounds like it was done spitefully, some nasty people about

  • its awful when you think it was a children's ward - my son went to the £ shop and got one of those universal remotes and left it there but thinking about it that's probably a mistake when you consider it can be used with anything !

  • my kindle and a good bit of people watching lol! my phone has interent access so I can FB etc. I also like solitaire and Ma Jong games on my DS :-)

  • I read loads of books on my Kindle and play games as the hospital has good and free WiFi. Don't watch much of the free tv, because the station's offered are terrible and I have everything they offer on my cable system. Can catch up on tv shows on the Internet. Chat with the medical personnel when they aren't busy. My hospital allows you to borrow a laptop. See if your hospital has such a program.

  • An android smartphone can be used as a 'portable internet wifi hotspot' to provide a signal for a laptop/tablet/netbook. You need a good data allowance to run it but I found it fast and secure to browse the internet while in hospital last time. I can tell you the way to do it if your phone is a Samsung. Other brands will provide this also though.

  • People should be careful though. I have a Samsung but I don't have the " package " to allow tethering. Apparently if I turned it on it would mess the phone up. I can use it if I pay an extra £5 per month. This was info from the shop I got it from.

  • Android smartphone for the web and playing Angry Birds and also DSi for more games. Also a netbook with a dongle if needed.

  • I take my knitting -- the socks come on a treat!!


  • The Guardian.

  • A good book. As for dongles, I was that exasperated with the slowness of mine I threw it away!

  • what's a dongle? something british? I stayed in a newish hosp building in chicago, where the patient rooms had free wi=fi for my laptop. brought a project to update.

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