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Hospital visit today

Who the heck makes the decisions where to put the Disabled Car Park spaces.

Today I took my husbands cpap machine for a service at the hospital. (I am sure it was heavier this year than last).

To get into the car park with the disabled spaces you have to drive down quite a long slope, therefore when you then walk to the hospital you have to climb up this slope (god I was puffing).

Then to add insult to injury I had to walk past the smoking shed with lots of nurses and porters puffing away, looked like a steam train had just passed and it smelt awful. (:

There are notices all along the wall telling people not to smoke outside the doors, but low and behold there they were the people who cannot be bothered to walk a few yards to the shed, so I had to inhale their smoke as I walked past. I wish I was brave enough to say


The Respiratory area is at the end of a long corridor and then another longer higher slope, when I eventually got in there I could not even speak, bet they thought well she stinks of smoke so no wonder she's out of breathe.

Thank goodness its only every 12 months. :)


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Happy to make you smile :) :)



My machine is serviced at home. Next time a service is due, phone the phone number on the machine, and explain that you can no longer manage to take it in, and they should come out to you.

Good luck



Hallo from Puffin Kev, Had the same sort of experience when i took my machine for a service and check, There are some disabled bays where the badge is recognised, but always full, possibly staff, so you pay under £2 for a 1hr stay, but the respiritory is just about as far as its possible to go in the Hospital, All this is forgiven when you meet the staff, cant do enough to aid your use of the Cpap, personlly i cant understand why they dont enforce the no smoking rule that not only applies to the just the Hospital but the grounds as well, i have to do a detour as its bad news if i inhale smoke, at one Hospital i visit they do comply with the smoking in the grounds rule, but i could hardly believe my eyes as most of the people puffing away were Nurses and Doctors Stood out in the road. Oh well their choice.


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