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Memory and Eyesight

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your advice recently regarding my deteriorating memory and eyesight. I have seen my Doctor who is arranging visit to eye specialist and also the 'memory' clinic; bit upsetting this one as my Doctor mentioned Alzeimer's or possible small stroke!

Still it will be good to get these things sorted one way or the other.

Will keep you posted - it was a great help to have your feed back.


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Hi emmo, so glad you went to see your doc and you are being properly checked out. Keeping fingers crossed all will be ok, it will be less of a worry to know what you are or are not dealing with.

All good wishes zoee x


Hi Zoee

Yes, this is what I think, better to know what is happening.




Hi Emmo

This is really just a thought or pndering if you like and it may be nonsense but I know that pre-diagnosis when I was terribly breathless a lot of the time my memory was terrible especially my short term memory. I sometimes couldn't remember what I had had for lunch.

When I went to see my respiratory physion I mentioned this in passing, along with the ocular migraines I was experiencing and he pointed out that this was common when the CO2 levels in your blood were all out of kilter through lack of oxygen etc. This was apparently down to my 'overbreathing' etc. I must admit I was surprised but the way he explained it seemed so lclose to what was happening to me. Like is siad its just a thought but you are definitely doing the best thing in getting it checked out. I have my fingers crossed for you.



Thanks MariieWF.



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