daily antibiotics

As most of you know i have been getting chest infections every 2 weeks since December.

My doctor has put me on a 1 a day dose of doxycycline which i have been taking for the past 2 weeks and (touch wood!) i actually feel really good!!

Its been a long time since i have felt this well and so plan to go back to work a week on monday.

YAY! am so happy !

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  • fab!!!

    Mrs S x

  • Good for you - happy, positive news

    Libby x

  • Great news krazylady your posts always make me smile for one reason or another and good you are back to work as this is what you want. Don't try too hard though as sometimes that is part of what has made us all ill in the first place.

    Good luck hope you still find to post on here!


  • Thank you Marie - always try to be as positive ( and KraZy) as possible xxx

  • So glad you are feeling good krazy, may you be infection free for a long long time :D

    Happy days :)

  • :) x

  • So glad you are feeling a lot better on this medication good luck on your return to work.


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