A milestone

Like many others, I suspect, I will use an escalator or lift rather than stairs.

It's not that I don't exercise, I do, but I try not to get noticeably out of breath in public.

Anyway, I was working yesterday in Leicester (I travel all over for work) and the place I was visiting was on the 6th floor and......... you've guessed it, the lift was out of order.

I did it! OK, I had to have a little rest after each flight and when I got to the top I had to use my ventolin for the first time since I went on to Spiriva but I recovered my breath quite quickly really.

I'm quite proud.

Lynne x

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  • well done lynne.Now you know you can do it x

  • Whoopeeeeeeee, well done Lynne. I know what you mean about not getting too out of breath in public because l do the same. Keep the good work up. Take care. Marilyn x

  • I know what you mean I'm always breathless it is embarassing good you could do it all the best kate.

  • Fantastic and big hugs and well done.

    David 1968

  • Well done lynne that is brilliant. One tip though I was told by my nurse its best to use the ventolin before rather than after.

    Keep it up love Bev xx

  • I thought about that since but it didn't even cross my mind at the time. I will remember for next time though.

    Lynne x

  • Congratulations, Lynne -- that was an incredible journey.


  • Hi yes embrassing trying not to be out of breathe in public I feel the same - but you did it well done. take care.

  • Well done keep it up


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