Flu jab and egg allergy

Just been reading yesterday's comments on jabs,, does any one else have a egg allergy?

I can't have any of these jabs because they use albumem (egg) in the vaccine, my dr asks every year then shruggs his shoulders. I have just come out of hospital for a kidney infection and pneumonia and the doctor said that is a problem, my

allergy! Has any one heard of a egg free vaccine?

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Hi There

There is an egg free vaccination available for people allergic to eggs.

Do you have a consultant? If so i would suggest speaking to them about the vaccine if your GP doesn't seem able to help, alternatively you could speak to another GP int he surgery if there is one.

Let us know how you get on.

Best Wishes


Hi Jo,

Egg free vaccination - is this for real ?

I only ask, as I'm a vegetarian & I choose not to have any egg products.

As such I would have real problems convincing myself to recind my beliefs, even for my own health.



Just to add on, i have jut skimmed a copy of the DoH Flu 2012/13 guidance - this says on page 8 that people with a serious allergy to hens eggs can still be vaccinated under specialist clinical supervision.

The link for the guidance is below:


Best Wishes


Sorry had to go of line serious coughing fit, Thankyou for your quick response my dr runs two surgeries and uses locums, I will see the respiratory doctor on the 13th and have put this on my list of questions now, I was in hospital with kidney infection and pneumonia, egg allergy and penicillin etc are on my notes a and e asked about tetanus I can't have that for the same reason my arm swells badly and bleeds. I will have a look at the site Thankyou again for your response. B.

My doctor / GP surgery asks patients who are wanting the flu vaccine to let them know if they have an egg allergy so they know how many egg free vaccines to order in. They need to know in advance.

Hope you can secure a vaccine in good time.

Thankyou Zoee

I will try the surgery tomorrow, if not wait for my hospital appt, I wonder why my dr has not said about an egg free jab perhaps they are more expensive!, Sorry for the delay but had to go to my mums my stepfather was diagnosed with lymph cancer today,, it's going to be very stress full from now on. B

Sorry to hear about your stepfather's diagnosis B, take good care, try just phoning the receiptionist and get telephone appointment with doc to request the egg free vaccine so they can order one in for you.

can you have a pneumonia jab ?

You can have a pneumonia jab I believe it is a one time only or some one said every five years but my parents have had theirs.

Reply to Zoee

I phoned the drs this morning, he is still away in India (he works there every summer) so only have locums. Anyway the recpt said he is back Monday and has left a note for him, she had not heard about it either. I am using a iPad and today I can't use the link under responses it won't open just says java script, so using the box underneath. B

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