DLA and Benefits claiming

I am ware that a number of people are claiming or wanting to claim a variety of different benefits.

I belong to a group called Benefits and work - benefitsandwork.co.uk They have advice on the "language" to use on forms which can be very helpful. Also what to say in tribunals. To join does cost but some of the advice is for free.

Hope it helps


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Am I being naive when thinking that the truth is what should be on the form or at tribunals.

With the best language being personal experience as less than that is a flawed unsustainable fabrication that will return to haunt those that use them.

Free advice - be yourself

There are different ways to put things - like 'I don't feel so bad today' as compared to 'I feel regularly worse than six months ago' - both may be true and give very different impressions.

Yes Juliekay - when I first applied for DLA was turned down twice got it on the third attempt. Nothing had changed in my circumstances but the way I wrote things seemed to make the difference.


Thank you for information -I have just sent off my 2nd DLA form and I am not overly confident I have worded every question truthful in the best way possible, After peoples advice I did try to arrange help with age concern - but in my area because of the number of cases at present they are only helping people 60+ to make appointments to help fill out the forms where as before recently they helped people from 50+. but I think this can differ between areas? However the lady was really nice and as I was breathless on the phone she did help out with a couple of questions even though she was not meant too. But I am expecting to have to go to appeal....And then start again as pip introduced in April! Bar humbug

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