Oxygen benefit?


Just a bit of minor rant really!

After being given an oxygen concentrator a good few weeks ago and when using it getting tangled in the cannula all over the house, the dogs chewing it and just the general hassle and change of lifestyle I feel NO benefit from it whatsoever.....is this normal do you think or am I not giving it enough time to feel a change?

It's all just a nuisance and is testing me a bit down in the dumps really :(

Mike x

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  • The oxygen helps your other organs such as heart, I am on it 24/7 couldn't manage with out it. You do get used to the trailing tube just be careful you don't trip. Val

  • Know where you are coming from on that one when you need it you can not do without it when only needed in hospital it has been a game changer for me.

  • I've not been given oxygen so can't really relate to it, apart from when my Mum had it earlier this year.

    Obviously the doctor thinks you need it, or you would not have been given it. My own understanding is that you should feel some benefit, as you would be having problems without it.

    Give it chance, and try not to let it get you down as that will not help.

  • My wife is on oxygen 24/7 and thinks its very good, She is 79, and I,m nearly 85 so I soon got used to the tubes,so did did my dog,and cats!!.

  • Persevere Mike, I have had my concentrator since April and it took some getting used to, especially the trailing cannula, luckily my dogs don't attack it. You don't say how long you are on oxygen for I am on 15/24 so I sleep with it and have it while sitting in the evening watching telly that leaves me some time in the day when I can potter round the house without it. Also I have liquid oxygen for when I go out which means that I have not had to change my lifestyle that much and the benefits of oxygen far outway the disadvantages, Pleaase keep trying you will reap the benefits, it will make you feel so much better. My consultant told me that it benefits all your organs not just your lungs and people on oxygen seem to live longer than those who aren't. Take care and persevere. I am nearly 70 so if I can adapt I am sure you can.

    Carole x

  • Thanks everyone and thanks Carole. It just gets me down that at 39 I'm like this.

    I'm on oxygen or 8 hrs a day but was told to se it daytime not sleeping.

    I'll keep it up and report back in a few weeks!

    Good health to you all

    Mike x

  • Billywiz. My wife and I cannot go on cruises now as the oxygen in containers are not allowed on cruise liners,her small tank is ok for 4 hours,then has to be refilled from a large tank we have in the house,which is refilled every 7 days,so we have had it,is there any alternative???.

  • Yeh hook up with your supplier they will put you straight got a hunch it will be a concentrator though it is best to ask then you know what you should be using depending on flow and stuff.

  • All I do is to organise my wife,s main tank delivered, to the ship,and that,s it.It is taken to our cabin and secured,with the shipping line,s permission,of course and thats it!.

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