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copd and other illnesses

I have had copd for 4 years now and just about manage it. I also have osteoarthritis, vertigo and reflux problems. Does anyone else have more than one illness and how do they cope? Somedays I am restricted to what I can do in the house and also some days im too scared to go out in case i fall as some folks would think i was drunk. I now have a blue badge and a walking stick which helps a lot due to ignorance of folks. I feel lost and alone at times but keep it to myself as i dont want folks giving me the 'poor you spiel' I still laugh when i talk to folks but its getting harder. I feel folks don't understand the pain and fears i have (nightmares too) but that could be because i don't tell them everything because I feel it makes me look like a hyperchondriac. Does antone else feel this fear and lonliness?

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well i hope you keep ur chin up on good days.lmao

well i have copd was told last year.........i also suffer from anxiety & depression as they go hand in hand like a glove..........

i also have acid/reflux problems and i also dont sleep well at all..............

im the same as you in many ways and like the other few 1000s on here we all seem to have more than one problem....strange really............i hope you manage as best you can as i know each and everyday is not the same.............

as for wot others think well its not upto them to judge us !

i hope you keep that in mind....well i stay on my own but im not lonely as i like a bit time to myself although who knows wot tomorrow could bring lol...........

i hope you keep on top of things and maybe a wee chat with the doctor as maybe ur a wee bit depressed if ur on ur own...........

good luck and i hope we all have a cheery update from you


cheers roger hun, good to know someone else can see whats happening to me, thanks for answering, its made me smile lol xx


Hi I think we perhaps all feel like you in varying degrees. I have copd, osteoporosis and thyroid problems, I live alone (I'm 60) and I like it that way. What does annoy me is the lack of understanding from friends but hey ho they can't help being ignorant. I happen to look healthy but feel like crap most of the time.



Two years ago I went to my docs with reflux acid, he put me on a tablet for it, it works however just found out this is a side effect from Emphysema.

I was diagnosed in March 2011 with boullis Emphysema and in July 2012 I had the breathing test=79%fev1 doc said it's mild.

I have traped wind in my chest, been told this is air releasing from my lungs, I also get a tighness in the middle of my chest sometimes.

Appart from that I'm fine, I think, nt on any meds and havn't had a horrible smelly adictive fag since 2010.

David 1968


Hi raspberryripple sorry to hear you are feeling so down. I have COPD, Asthma, depression and Hidradunitis suppourative (If anyone interested in that let me know and I will post a blog).

You are not alone I think we all feel that way at least some of the time. Life can be a b....sometimes! Most people dont know what COPD is or how it affects you. Hope you feel a bit better now. xx

PS love your name :)


Ok curious - what is Hidraduntis suppourative?


Lol blackbird will post a blog now. It is pretty nasty so you might be sorry you asked. :)


Hi raspberryripple, I have COPD, IBS, Diverticulitis, water retension, high blood pressure, and cerebal arthritis and a few more less important issues. I only have bad days and worse days, but do not expect understanding because when stationary no one knows my problems, its only when I walk for a few yards that it shows. The one thing I dont have is depression, I make sure I have things going on around me to stave off any thoughts of feeling that way. I have a scooter and ramped car to get me out and about, weather permitting and that at the moment is my biggest asset, freedom. I also spend a lot of time on my computer on facebook chatting to friends and keeping my mind active playing a lot of the games available, this also helps to pass the time on the bad days. I hope this helps in some way as I know how you feel. By the way the car and scooter are my own as I am too old (75) to get mobility allownce. Good luck for the future. Regards

P.S. I excersise daily by doing thing in my own time by doing housework etc with five minute rests to regain my breath.


hello drifter, thank you so much for your reply I really did appreciate hearing from you. Im glad that im not the only one with multiple illnesses. Like you I know when one of them has been triggered so I get to fight it straight away, it works mostly but I had a bug weeks ago caught from a friend at work and i have to say i have never felt so bad in my life, but with help and determination i am almost back to my naughty cheeky self (so beware). Again thank you and i wish you healthy days and many of them xx


Hi drifter proper depression strikes regardless of what is going on in your life. You can have (on paper) the best life in the world and you can still get depression. It's not selective. Just be grateful you dont have it and I hope you never do!

Bev xx


Hi Rasberryripple,

Great name.

I have multiple conditions COPD moderate level, Type 2 Diabetic (On insulin) Recent By pass, Under active Thyroid, psoriasis and Reactive Arthritis.

The the real pain is the COPD and taking 10 tablets, 5 injections and three inhalers twice a day. I have just recently started on PR and the program is similar to Cardiac Rehab I attended. I keep myself fittish with an exercise bike at home along with a set of cardio vascular exercises. (I intend to use the PR exercises in future). My aim is to slow down the deterioration of COPD and so far have done it for two years! My motto - Know your enemy and fight back! It sounds good but it isn't easy.

I sometimes feel lonely ( I am a widower) but am fortunate to live in a retirement flat and with people of the same age we all get similar blues, but we can talk and visit each other. I am also fortunate that I am still independently mobile and if the blues get to me I drive into town and have a coffee and a walk round. What I am trying to say is when the blues hit you just talk or communicate with someone somehow. The truth is that they are probably feeling lonely too.

Good luck and keep your chin up!




hi david, thanks for replying and the name compliment. Its what my partner calls me when he wants to make me laugh. I've had a good day today so caught up with some housework. It's left me a bit jiggered but im gonna have my rest now. Stay healthy and hopeful for good days,

cheeky regards from the 'ripple' lol xx


Hi. I have had mouth cancer (20 years ago) and am at high congenital risk of bowel cancer but am checked out for that every year ( a colonoscopy - yuk). My brother died of bowel cancer in 1988 age 39, but it was a long time before we knew there was a genetic link.

Apart from those I have diverticulitis as do my other siblings, but it doeasn't really trouble me. Apparently it is due to lack of fibre as a child, so for those born in the war and post war years that makes sense.

Apart from that it's moderate COPD but I work and exercise, so not too bad at all. Just have Spiriva once a day.

Lynne x


Hi rasperryripple

I was diagnosed with COPD and Asthma back in April, I'm also an insulin dependant diabetic, I have IBS intermittently, Vertigo too but don't have too many bad attacks and I suffered from anxiety for 12 years but now get it rarely though I get stressed quite often. The anxiety was debilitating as is a bad attack of Vertigo and IBS. I've never let my diabetes bother me and it's well controlled. I try not to let big things bother me it's the little things in life that I tend to stress about. I've always tried to carry on where possible the way I've always done. I'm very aware of the COPD and Asthma and try to avoid anything that I think will irritate it so in that sense it has changed me in a way none of the other things have.


I was diagnosed with COPD 10 years ago and was told then that keeping active would help which I believe it has but in the last 18 months I have been on antibiotics every month due to recurrung chest infections and it has stopped me from doing a lot as the fatigue is debilitating. GP contacted the Hospital but the appointment is not until the beginning of Oct. so here's hoping he will get to the bottom of all these infections. Has anyone else had recurring chest infections. Like gillyj I always look well so people don't understand. ( I am 69)


Hi, bear with me as it does go on a bit lol, i have severe obstructive sleep apnea on a v pap for 4 years now also have copd type 2 diabettes, small nerve fibre neuropathy, heart disease last heart attack last year and recurring cellulitis and maccular degeneration in both eyes, but even with all this i still try to remain positive and focus on the other things in life like family etc as these can be as good if not better than any drug.

I used to wallow in self pity but after seing some of the poor souls beside me in hospital i started thinking what have i got to moan about. i do have down days where it seems no one can possibly understand what im going through, and for the most part they dont, but having that support is invaluable if it just makes you see that someone does care. so keep your chin up and remmember there are always people here like you and i and we can always take comfort in knowing we are not alone.. david.


Hi 'Ripple - love the name too lol. Do you not have a Breath Easy group in your area, your copd nurse, or gp should know. They usually meet once a month, for a get together, usually some one comes along and gives a talk, could be a physio. resp. nurse, someone like that. But the Breathe easy groups also have social activities, that people with even severe copd can attend, teas out, coach trips, cinema, or visits to shows, or to local historical or beauty spots, its a great way to meet new people, who know what you go through as they are going through the same thing. You can share experiences with them, learn how they cope, and lots of other positive things, it would be great for you if there was such a group you could attend, then it would give you not only an interest in life , but the odd fun day out, which surely must be better than feeling the way you do at present. I wish you the very best of luck and hope your situation improves, kind regards Janie xxx


Hi , i have arthritis,high blood pressure,have had two heart attacts,i have siatica and walking problems .

I have found that if you get help with the right people ie copd nurses your nurses that deal with your other ilnesses you can be put on the right road to suit your needs.

Yes it is very hard to deal with more than one illness at a time but through personal experience if you take life at your own pace and be all you can be .It will take time but the upside is your moods can change for the better and you will enjoy yourself more.

Please get as much help and advice as soon as you are able.Good luck to you and hope you feel better and you are not alone.kind regards David


Wow. I thought I had problems!. Rheum arthritis, COPD and osteoporosis and total deafness. The latter I have had most of my life. Reading these blogs i have picked up a lot of information I would otherwise never have learnt. Thank god for the internet. Too often medical people wont try and explain things to me. I do ask them to write things down but end up with v brief info. What I know about my various ills I learnt from internet.


I hope you all forgive for not replying sooner. I'm not going to give excuses only my heartfelt apologies. You are all amazing and I wish I had logged on to see these posts a year ago. Since last on I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia after numerous tests so this explains a lot of the pains and lack of energy. I know it sounds daft but I cried with relief in March when my doctor finally told me. Hurray, I wasn't going nuts after all lol. The downside is my copd has been a norty lil bugger so i'm having to keep a close eye on it. Has everyone booked their flu jabs? I missed mine because I thought I was starting a cold and was told it was best to wait a while. Oh well, i'm a 'patient' lady (pardon the pun) and I can always log in for a chat with you good folks. Big hugs for all and stay as well as you can xx


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