Anyone else dread the onset of winter?

I have had conversations with our daughter and eldest son and they are happy that winter is coming. I most certainly do not feel the same way because I care for my husband who I strive so hard to keep well all year but then winter comes along and ruins it all! Does anyone else dread winter? Even Christmas does not stop the anxiety I feel because I know that so many germs are around and hubby is so vulnerable. He has sarcoidosis and copd and this January was in hospital because of a very nasty chest infection. It just seems to go with the territory I suppose but at least this year we have our lovely grandson to bring some cheer. I just hope we can have a wonderful family time together and that nobody is ill. Fingers crossed for all out there too. Keep smiling and good health. sassy59

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  • hi Sassy,

    i feel exactly the same - when i was working i was shifted to work over xmas and for about 3 years in a row i came down with a chest infection and ended up off sick, of course people thought it was "convenient" if you know what i mean! this last xmas i got chest infection just before xmas but worked through and by new year i was really ill - i have been off work since, don't know if its a consequence of keeping on working instead of resting.

    so yes, i dread the winter coming because i know i am going to suffer!


  • I love cold weather for me, but dread it coming for richard, so many extra precautions to se to before venturing outside, and of course the risks of people with coughs and colds on the buses. Richard was realy unwell last christmas and it was upsetting to see him so uninterested in things as we usually find a lot of joy at christmas. Yes, in a nutshell, dreading it.

  • He needs to wear a mask when he goes out. You know, the surgical kind, you can get them at any drugstore, I buy the ones that the surgeons wear, they actually kill all those germs before you breathe them in. Alot of people look at you funny, like YOU are the one that's sick, until you let them know that you don't want to take a chance of picking something up in a store (pushing those carts is dreadful when you think of all the sick hands that have been on them) and I carry antibacterial wipes in the car, so I can wipe my hands off when I get out of a store. YES....I hate winter, until it's cold enough to kill the Virus's that are out there, but these Mild winters wreak havoc on my immune system, takes me the rest of the winter to get rid of some inconsiderate relative that comes over and when asked says: "It's just a cold".....well that cold isn't just a cold for me. I don't think people that are sick, even with "Just a Cold" should be at work, or Out Spreading their GERMS around. Summer is just around the corner....I'm waiting.

  • My GP just mentioned this on Friday, was sorting out return to work and he said winter coming - chest infections! Said yes but need to give it a go! Val

  • morning all, I too dread the winter, winds, cold temperatures, people spreading their germs instead of winter good will. I feel like a hermit, never mind we've all got each other on here. Breath Easy and keep laughing..................

  • Thanks everyone for the replies and hope we all get through this winter as well as possible. Good luck everyone and stay well. We also have the flu jabs to look forward to next month. Pete dreads his but it is very necessary. Love to all and breathe easy. sassy59 xx

  • Yes, I was never a fan of hot summer weather and always looked forward to the winter months (well the bright crisp sunny days) but now I am dreading it. Even today there are loads of folk struggling with colds and they must think I am incredibly aloof as I stand as far away from them as possible. Ah I had forgot about my flu jab. Something to look forward to then! ;-)

    At least we are all trying to do whats best for us and our loved ones.


  • You are not aloof at all MarieWF but just protecting yourself. It is a pity people are not more considerate instead of coughing and sneezing everywhere. I have turned and shoved Pete out of a store before now because someone sneezed! I am very protective of him but someone has to be. Stay well. xxxxx

  • People can't help coughing and sneezing sassy. Do you and Pete stay indoors all the time when you have a cold? Don't forget people with colds still have to go to work and shopping and If I stayed in every time I had a bit of a cough I would starve! I have asthma which can cause a cough sometimes - neither of you would catch anything from it. And unless you have your own transport (which I haven't) you have to use a bus or train. And I still have to go shopping. I have no else to do it for me!

    Of course I do turn away if I cough and always have a tissue ready but I think to shove Pete out of a store because of one sneeze is excessive and rude. I have had that done to me and I found it nasty and depressing, and not at all considerate. If you feel that strongly maybe you should make him wear a mask! After all traffic pollution is not good for him either.

    Maybe you can follow the medical profession which have a 1 metre rule, which apparently is the distance germs can travel instead.

    Sorry I have gone on a bit but this is something I feel very strongly about having suffered from from this type of behaviour on several occasions which now makes me worry about going out and this certainly doesn't help my illness or depression.

  • Oh dear, did not mean to cause offence but Pete with a bad chest infection is no joke and yes, we do have to go out too. I am really only talking about people who do not care who they infect by coughing and sneezing everywhere. Lots of people have to work hypercat and I know that, but I do feel protective and a bit neurotic sometimes that's all. I am not excessive or rude and only try and turn away with Pete if someone sneezes or goes to sneeze right at him. He goes about in a daze and does not notice. It is hard for everyone and I do sympathise. You do what you have to do and that is fine but I feel I need to protect Pete as much as possible but without being horrible to anyone else of course.

    Hope you stay well and good on you for using tissues and turning away. Wish everyone did the same. I will follow the 1 metre rule so thanks for that info and don't worry about going out as it is a great thing to do. Take care xxxxx

  • No worries Sassy. I should have known that you wouldnt be so rude anyway and I did worry that I had gone too far wiith what I said. I wouldnt want to upset you for the world because you are one of lifes good people.

    I agree with you too about people who dont take proper care when they cough - sometimes I want to give them a tissue!

    No offence taken love and I hope you didnt take offence to what I said. Love you really.

    Bev xxx :)

  • And I completely understand that you feel very protective of Pete - he is a very lucky person to have you. xxx

  • No offence taken at all and you seem like a lovely person too. Have a good day and stay well. Thanks for the lovely comments, much appreciated. Lots of love, sassy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • oooooooh never had so many kisses :)

  • i turn into a hermit during the winter only going out if i really have to it can be a bit isolating though and i never go out without a scarf over my nose and mouth i also use the hand gels i use them anyway before going in shops but i do get some really nasty looks but no one has ever actually said anything not that it would stop me using them even if they did sandra

  • I think the hand gels are a must and we also use tea tree oil just inside the nostrils as a precaution against germs. Crazy I know but you do what you have to do. A tip for anyone with breathing problems though is maybe dilute the tea tree oil in a little carrier oil (almond, olive perhaps) as it can be a bit strong. Hope you stay well. xx

  • Yes I dread it as I am sure we all do, I think its a good idea to share tips for the cold weather. Unfortunately I don't have any at the moment. :(

  • One good tip I have gillyj is wearing a scarf over your nose and mouth when it is cold. It stops cold air going into your lungs which is a real killer. xx

  • I dread it but that's because I work outside and it's blooming cold ! :)

  • Actually the air quality in the summer is so much worse for you then winters crisp air. The problem that winter brings is when the heat is turned on there is more dust in the house so bringing fresh air in the house is important, as well as dusting more often. I always remember to open up doors with my scarfe instead of touching door nobs with my hands when out. Always wipe door nobs, t.v. remotes,refrigerator door, cell phones with disinfecting wipes especially when having company, i carry them when shopping too. No kissing little ones, blow then a kiss lol. Just a few ways that i protect myself. Hope it helped a bit.

  • I do agree with you and do my utmost to keep the house dusted and hoovered. I also have an antibacterial spray and use that to clean phones, doorknobs, light switches etc. I am sure some people think I am mad but I don't care. Pete and I both use our coats or whatever to open doors when out as lots of people do not wash hands after using the loo. Yuck! Stay well. xx

  • i agree with you totally, you cant be too careful when you have breathing problems,i have copd, and dread the cold weather especially, though i love snow!, but the cold air is dangerous to breathe in, and i keep a soft scarf round my mouth and nose as much as i can. i take my handgel everywhere and use it all the time. i think you are very sensible. All the best.

  • we never missour flu jags,had ours last month.Yes we dred our winter,but our roads are very quickly cleared.We have 3 cats in the house and I often wonder if they are detrimental to my wife,s affliction ?,Billywiz

  • Cat hair is a known allegent billywiz.. I'm not sure about with COPD but certainly if you have asthma. I have a cat and love him to bits but when I get too close sometimes I cough. There is something you can buy at the vets which you spray on and apparently it controls the animals dander - which stops fur going into the air. So this might help. x

  • Thanks hypercat,my wife agrees.

  • I'm really dreading it. It'll be my first full Winter knowing I have COPD, I was bad enough from last Christmas to about April and it must have taken me until about June before my cough eased to negligible levels. Since it has been warmer I've almost felt normal though I do bring phlegm up for the first hour after I get up and my cough hasn't entirely gone. Last week when it got colder for the week my cough started to get worse and I felt more sob than normal. Now the weather has picked up again I'm feeling better but the cough has only died down a little though I am breathing better again. So yes, I'm dreading Winter.

  • Wiggins like I said a couple of posts ago I found wearing a scarf over your nose and mouth stops the cold air going into your lungs. I did that last winter and it certainly helped. You dont have to do it tight, leave it loose so you can breathe through it.

    Hope this helps xx

  • I intend to follow that advice Hypercat. Thank you.

  • I think the scarf sounds like a good idea so long as like hypercat says it is loose enough to breathe through. Certainly something I will be getting Pete to try, but he doesn't know that yet! Bit of a stubborn old devil at times! xx

  • My wife,s doctor,says coughing helps, as it dislodges phlegm fro her lung tissues.

  • True Billywiz it does. But too much coughing can cause other problems too so I think its a case of everything in moderation! xx

  • Yes very true.

  • I h't have emphysema was diagnosed last year. I don't have a cough but have a lot of phlegm and can't get it up which makes me breathless is this normal with emphysema xx

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