Not sure what's happening and bit scared

My legs and feet all swollen and breathing bad.went docs 2 week ago and he said its asthma and OA in ankle sending me musco skeletal hospital.

Been on holiday and back to AnE and kept in over night.had ecg shown heart prob.x ray shied fluid mucus in lungs.blood ok.Told me my asthma and lungs causing heart problems and back loud of fluid from heart in lungs and heart not pumping fluid round right causing fluid in legs and really swollen feet that look ready have emailed my doctor to get me seen by cardiologist asap! I've got keep my feet up at home above my heart as to swollen and im puffed with mucus in lungs.Anyone gone through this as little worried xxx

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  • Sorry haven't had anything like you if your concerned try NHS direct Val

  • Thank you for replying xxx got out of hospital today and they emailed my doc for him Monday.just upset and scared with them saying heart problem also xxx

  • You have been through a lot, see what your GP can do he may be able to explain things better to you, get you the help that you need Val

  • Thank you xxx

  • I'm thinking of you. As everyone says, speak to your doctor.

    Lynne x

  • I am having the same with the meds and the conditons copd and asthma possibly causing daily tachycardia and also waiting for an appointment to go see a cardiologist and also having swelling ankles all of the time but no one has said or done anything but they know... If worried I would go back to your GP..


  • I'm sorry to hear of your problems Airbags. I really hope everything turns out ok for you. We are all here for you anytime love. xx

  • Thank you everyone for your support it means alot.think was just the

    shock of them telling me xxx

  • I had the same thing last April,have had COPD for 11yrs but was really breathless in April and had swollen feet and ankles, was put on diuretics and told my heart and lungs weren't working efficiently because of the fluid round them. This went on for a couple of weeks and was no better so doctor came out and sent me straight into hospital. I was put onto antibiotics, steroids, 4 hourly nebulisers and oxygen, went home after 5 days and am now on oxygen 15hrs out of 24. I feel so much better and am how I was before the fluid problem. I sleep with the oxygen and have it on while I am sat in the evenings. If I go out in the day, which I usually do, I use a small oxygen tank which I refill from a large one in my shed. This means I can easily manage my 15 hrs and when people remark on it I say ' Well I am alive and fairly mobile which is good enough for me at 70!

  • Hi Caroloctober xxx

    Your positively is great and bet helps you cope xxx

    when I went see my doctor over a week ago after went AnE he said asthma and swollen ankle is OA .Went on my holiday and whaen I got back went AnE and then told my asthma was causing heart problems like my first post said so my doctor will be reading the email AnE have sent him .xxx im 47

  • Good luck. I hope the doctors can help you. xx

  • hello there airbags, i have exactly the same problem with the swollen ankles, breathing difficulties and i know my heart is affected by this. dont need dr's to tell me this though just do my best to rest up when i can what i cant deal with is letting illness beat me. i have been forced to take life at a slower pace, something that im not used 2 as i had always been so energetic all my life so on good days i forget im ill and end up suffering for it . i know how you feel though. x blessings to you airbags (stay positive, and live your life as best you can under circumstance)

  • Back in work tomorrow as work in a school part time.Will take my relieve with me and feet up when get home.swelling goin down at last but hurt still.will come home if to much as only came out of AnE Sunday after overnigh stay xxx

  • I am shocked that you were not given diuretics to take the swelling down, that is what most gps do and even in hospital i am suprised they didnt do that and give you oxygen, as i had the same problems as you. I woke up one morning and couldnt breathe, my legs were twice their normal size, i phoned my gp, who put me on the water tablets and oxygen, got me an emergency appointment, seems i had a lung problem, not copd, but my heart had been beating at twice its normal rate to get oxygen to my lungs, this caused the swelling and i had a slight heart attack, i now have heart failure, and at first i was on oxygen 16 hours a day,, but after more treatment in hospital, exercise, pul rehab course and meds i now only use oxygen about 4 hours a day and am even able to drive my car again, i would definitely go back to your gp and insist that you get an emergency appointment to see a respitory consultant as well as cardiologist, as it seems to me that you need water tabs and oxygen, have you phoned the help line here, as they are brilliant and would definitely help you more, i am an ex nurse so do know a little of what i am talking about, but not an expert, whereas you could speak to an expert on here who will i am sure will advise you go and se your gp now, you shouldnt be at work in your condition, phone the help line here and see if they suggest you go to see your gp as soon as possible like tomorrow if not sooner, good luck

  • I went to London, walked more than usual and it was warm. My feet, ankles and legs swelled like never before. had antibiotics for exacerbation and rested, now all back to normal size. Hope all is well and glad you are seeing the medics. Are you having antibiotics ?

  • I went the doctors first and he said it ands your asthma

    and my ankle was OA and sending me muscoskelital so went away with swollen feet and puffed as he said Im under hospital for asthma so take my steroids if need them.feet and legs just got worse so straight hospital when got home.The rest is as above.The consultant infor purple overal said water tabs were no use for this problem and need see cardiology and keep my legs up above my heart.xray said mucous in lungs and ecg showed

    problem and.bloods tested ok for clots.Said asthma causing heart problem and not pumping fluid round so build up in feet and legs so got wait see doc had said OA un ankle causing swelling and asthma playing up so wasn't happy to hear what AnE had said as doc didn't do much and gone away with swollen feet and legs thinking its OA and my lungs playing up.I have 3 inhalers,slophyllin,singular and steroids as need them on repeat prescription and under severe asthma

  • hi Julie,not on no antibiotics xxx

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