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Going on Holiday with a lung condition

Hi everyone

The BLF booklet - "Going on holiday with a lung condition" is being spruced up. To make it more relevant and lively we would like some comments, quotes etc from people about their experiences of going on holiday (good ones) - perhaps some hints and tips for going on holiday.

What we want to put across in the booklet is how going on holiday when you have a lung condition is still possible - is still important - is still enjoyable - and above all is still a very important part of life.

So it would be great if you could share your experiences - doesn't have to be anything too long.



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Just had a wonderful break at the lake district - Windermere, stayed in a 4 star hotel on the lake side wonderful views. Oxygen was delivered to the hotel by Air Liquide before we arrived, had no problems what so ever would definitely recommend it.


Two years ago we went to Cornwall a different place this time, it was a bit chilly one evening so my husband lit the pretty wood burner,, big mistake severe asthma attack first for a number of years, thought I had it under control, emergency dash to hospital nebulized and steroids for the rest of the holiday,,,we now check each holiday let to avoid wood burners. So please check if this may be a problem for you.


I always ask holiday lets to be careful what they use on the day I arrive regarding cleaning materials, and to make sure no air fresheners are used. I also now check there are no feather pillows or cushions, made that mistake once. Tripadvisor is useful because you can choose places that are recommended, by people with disabilities. I also check out local doctors and hospitals if the holiday is in the UK.


I went to New York. Ok I'm really really lucky because I'm not on oxygen and I was lucky that I didn't need assistance at the airport or during the journey. I saw my consultant and asked if I was fit to fly. He told me that as long as my SATs were over 95 he was happy for me to do so. I had them checked - they were 98% so I booked my flights and shopped around for travel insurance. All was going well, got a letter from my GP re the meds I would be taking in and out the country and invested in a travel nebuliser.

I then did the thing you shouldn't do and that was look on the Internet re flying with a lung condition. I frightened myself stupid. I spent the next month not looking forward to my holiday and just fretting. According to the internet The 95% SATS and walk test is wrong, your lungs can collapse due to the cabin pressure and whilst normal folk don't notice 'we' can and will and it's liable to make us v ill etc. I cried at the airport because I didn't want to go anymore. But I got on the plane and watched as we reached altitude and the relief when I realised I could breathe was amazing. 6 hours later I was in new York and 12 days later I flew home. My lungs intact with no need for emergency on board treatment!! I know it's different for others and I'm lucky. Just listen to your doctor and take their advice. Step away from the Internet (apart from here obviously) ;-)

I'm planning my next trip. Just not sure where!


Hi, just back from hols in Majorca, I booked wheelchair assistance as I also have problems walking due to a foot/leg problem, the airline asked for a "fit to fly" letter, I hadn't come across this before, I fly frequently. I did speak to my GP and she was a little bemused as I have never needed a letter before, however, we both agreed it was better to take one with me than to loose the holiday (I paid £10 for this letter) it was not asked for by any of the airline staff either going out or on return. It was a bit annoying but I have resolved not to use this airline again. All this aside I had a wonderful time, I particularly enjoyed the swimming pool as I have not been able to swim in my local pool for the past 2yrs due to recurrent lung infections. I took all my meds and when I discovered I had run out of one my husband went to the local Pharmacy (with my prescription list) and bought the med for 8 euros. Cannot stress enough the joy this holiday gave me, I have been ill on every other holiday so far, but even then I enjoyed the sun and change in surroundings. Go for it. Book a hol now. Good luck. Maximonkey


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