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The dreaded brown envelope arrived today!

Hi, the moment has come, after 3 months waiting, the dreaded brown DWP envelope arrived this morning.

I have been on IB topped up with IS for years so presumed I'd sail through the new paperwork, I did. ATOS wrote to my GP and asked her questions based on my answers. My GP called me in to discuss these and she agreed with me and duly filled the form in.

So, 2 months after she sent it back and after 2 months of dreading the brown envelope dropping on the doormat with the answer of what grouping I'd be's finally arrived!

I'm in the support group.....yippeeeeee!

Not even an ATOS face to face needed, I guess I'm one of the few lucky ones.

So now that's sorted we've all got PIP assessments to look forward to next year :-(

Mike x

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Yes, must be a big relief for you! I got my ESA forms a month ago and got a reminder today that they want them back in a week. Fortunately I have an appointment with Age UK who will help me with them just in time, a day before the deadline. Surprised it took them 3 months, I won't hold my breath then! Joking there. I'll be down the Age UK office with my oxygen.

Good for you Mike!


Well done, pleased for you :)


<<<< benefits virgin was gonna ask the same question.

If i ever need to claim i know where to come to ask for help because i have no idea what i should claim for!!!!!


So pleased for you Mike! Stitch basically it means, that if you are put into a "Support Group," you don't get constant appointment to see what they can do to get you back to work, silly description really because you never actually see anyone, all it means it that money wise you are financially supported at a higher level!.


Thank you everyone! It was 3 months of severe stress waiting for the answer but as I have a spinal cord injury amongst a couple of other inflictions I was pretty sure I'd get it but with ATOS you never know!

Yes it's a stupid term "support group". It means they leave you alone. You don't have to look work or constantly go in for face to face interviews with the job centre to rove you're trying to find work.

I can't tell you how relieved I am!

Might live it up a bit this weekend!!!

Mike x


I got a medical with ATOS in january and i saw a very nice nurse (not all are nice).she didnt do much of assessment on me as according to her words "it was immediately obvious Mr Weir was extremely breathless throughout the interview and looked in pain (bad knee) so it was immediately obvious that no lower limb test was needed due to my COPD".i recieved a phone call 4 weeks later telling me i was being placed in the support group for 18 months from the date of my medical but only got support rate from the date of the decision which i found very strange and when i recieved my award letter there was nomention of only being in the support group for 18 months SO BEWARE,your not in this group indefinatley.The DWP have 3 groups that you can be put into (low,medium and long term),so if it doesnt say on your award letter how long you are in the support group then you need to call them and find out,that way you wont get the dreaded ATOS form through the door unexpectedly.Just one more thing,if you are placed in the WORK RELATED GROUP,you are only placed inthat group for 12 months then you automatically get taken off rhe sick and cant reapply for the same illness for 6 months,SO BEWARE.


I did call them and ask how long this award for valid for and the DWP advisor called Ronnie had no idea whatsoever! Really helpful he was!

I also questioned my weekly rate as it seems high but again he couldn't help me! I was told to refer to the website, which I did and it says nothing about the rate of money I get so I'm still none the wiser and still baffled.

At this moment in time I couldn't care if it's only for a week that they pay me as the stress has lifted and if ATOS send another form my GP will be going spare at them!

Have a great weekend


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