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Gp has no idea

Has anyone else had the experience of going to your gp to get a continued sick note,and being asked how long you would like it for.?

Honestly,that's all she ever says to do I know when I will be fit enough to return to work?surely thats down to her to gauge.

My employers are being very,very understanding with my condition,more than my gp is.

I have had a chest infection this week,plus my sick note was due for renewal,so I visited her this morning,she sounded my chest,and said 'it's not too bad...well,hey doc,it feels it.

And when I asked for a sick note,she asked how long I would like it for.*dismayed*.......


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My doctor does the same - its because they know how unpredictable our condition can be and so they think we will have a rough idea of how long we will need it for- for example i always say 2 weeks but my doctor argues that i need a month - I always win but my doctor is always right. (and he makes a point of telling me so!!!!)

Another reason is because its no longer a sick note but a fit note ( this is how HR explained it to me) so if i feel i am able to go back to work i ring them to ask if its OK and we agree when i can go back - apparently that's the reason they got rid of sick notes, because people where getting 2 week sick notes but where Ok to go back after a few days but employers would not allow you to return due to insurance - now the employer just need to agree and you don't need to get your doctor to return you to work using a sick note.


Hi got my phased return to work for the 17th, he mentioned about winter and chest infections! Just got to give it a go know that if needed can go back on the sick.Val


i got another appointment with the occupational health on weds - got a horrible feeling .................


my doctor gave me a sick note for a indefinate time the same week the dwp informed me i was now in the support group, timing or what?


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