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Spirometry and medication

Spirometry,I have never been advised by the respiratory nurse or doctor whether or not you should be fully medicated or not before the test. The reason I ask is that I have just had my annual review and to my surprise my FEV1 has improved from 36 percent predicted to 43 percent predicted! The only reason I can think that this may have happened is that the test was earlier than usual and my morning medications ( 4 sprays ,10 inhalations)were a littlle later than usual. Later that day on my own reading they had returned to the lower level.

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Check with your respiratory nurse beforehand. I have had tests both 'before medication' and 'medication as usual'. Sometimes they want to know how you are normally with medication. It usually tells me on the bottom of the reminder to make an appointment letter.


I usually see the nurse before I take any medication and after the tests, use my inhalers a then take the tests again after about 15 minutes. I'm sure each individual is assessed differently depending on the severity of COPD in the patient and the preferences of the nurse involved. As Milestone says, ask the nurse what's best for you.


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