Dad made it home................brilliant!

Dad came home yesterday from hospital. Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

It was touch and go for a while but we are happy he is home and more importantly dad is happy to be home. Got a nurse from St. Davids Hospice Foundation coming in the morning to assess his needs etc so all going well hopefully.

Thankyou to all of you who posted support and the many hugs were very gratefully received. Hope you are all doing well or as well as can be and hugs back at you xxxxxxxxxx

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  • What good news for you and your family tanyamarie :) I'll bet you are relieved to have your Dad home and amongst familiar faces, and it's good to hear that your Dad is going to get the support he so obviously needs.

    I wish you all well :)

  • thankyou hun x

  • Oh what good news for you. You must be so pleased to have him home and I'm sure he will feel much more comfortable.

    Much love and best wishes

    Marie x

  • very pleased!

  • That is lovely to hear , I am so happy for you all :-) You Dad must be so happy to be home again , I am sure the nurse will be a big help and make sure your dad is comfortable and has all he needs , Please keep us updated on how things go . (( Hugs )) x Su.

  • will do Su x

  • Thats fantastic tanyamarie I bet you and the family (not least your dad) is absolutely thrilled he is back home. Your dad sounds lovely - give him a hug from me.

    Bev xx

  • He's had enough hugs Bev......he is getting too big for his boots now lol. Will do, thankyou x

  • You're welcome :)

  • great news for you tanyamrie.greater news for your father.I for one have (over the past few months) have noticed the absoloute love you have for your father.your love & devotion to him is worthy of applause & i applaud you.Take care & best wishes to you,your father & the rest of your family xx

  • you are too kind, thankyou xx

  • Great news Val

  • Your dad is so lucky to have such a loving caring daughter as you. Bless you for all you have done and are doing for him. Good news he can at last come home. And fingers crossed that it is at least a long time before he gets another episode:-)

  • I will cross my fingers with you, and as for me, I am sure I can be a pain in the butt for him at times he will tell you lol.

  • Good news Tanya. Spend a few moment thinking about what help you need to allow you to spend as much quality time with Dad as you can. Don't want you knackered hehe. Take care. Marilyn x

  • Knackered......thats my middle name!!!

  • Hi Tanya

    What a lovely caring familly home your Dad has come home to.Nourish and cherish.Richard Cornish

  • will do promise

  • Hi Tanyamarie thats great news you're doing a fantastic job bringing up a family and looking after you're dad .

    The most important thing that people forget are the cares nobody asks how there feeling or what there going through at times like this ,so Tanya how are you are you coping alright are you in good health .

  • Hiya hun, I am fine honest. I just think there are so many people worse off than me so when I start to feel grumpy (and I can be!) I just got to remind myself that dad never asked for this, it wasn't caused by anything he did or didn't do and even if it was, so what? It's happened and we got to live with it. Mum and dad looked after me when I was born and have always been there for me every time I needed them (and there have been plenty) and it is the least I can do, is be there for them.

    I've done my shift in work, been down to see them and had a good old dinner of bacon eggs and chips waiting for me (thanks mam). Done some housework for them, had a good ole chinwag and just chilled with them for an hour. Nurse was great, has started the ball rolling and they said they don't need me for anything in the morning so Gary, I shall be having a lay in.............................can't wait.

    Then I get my kids at 2pm from their dad. let the fun begin, arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  • thats great xx

  • Hi Tanyamarie,

    Hurray, good news for you at last.

    I'm sure you'll all feel much better with him at home.

    Best wishes Dave xxx

  • You can relax when they are home can't you. Thanks Dave x

  • All good wishes to you Tanya and to you Dad. x x

  • ta hun x

  • All been said before by the others, but I feel the seem, so happy for you and your family. x

  • thanks hun, how is Richard?

  • Same here, I'm sure he will also feel better just being in his own surroundings with his lovong, caring family. Sounds a fighter!! Good luck to you all & make the most of every day. Hugs xxxx

  • He is a fighter and stubborn.....prob a good thing really.

  • I am so pleased for you Tanyamarie. I have not logged on for a couple of days and I kept wondering how it was going for you all. I'm sure you all feel better that your Dad is back home with you all.

    Take care, hugs xxxxx

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