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38 Degrees is a group that organises petition to right the wrongs in society and many of you will have heard about them recently.

If you are interested in taking part in their campaign I have given a link:

Tens of thousands of people around the country are being thrown into hardship and despair by Atos, a private company that the government pays to carry out tests on people who claim benefits because they are unable to work.

Now, the government's own watchdog has criticized the government for not fining Atos for its failings.

Can you sign the petition calling on the government to stand up to Atos and sort out the disability benefits problems?

There is no charge, they ask for donations but it is up to you



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  • THanks for the info.. Are you aware that the paraolympics is being sponsored by.....Yes you guessed it

    ATOS. who sick.

    Thats private contracts for you

  • Bl***y hypocrites, I passed their process because I went in fully prepared and had the 'advantage' of multiple conditions. There were not many people faking it when I was there.



  • I've 'signed' up :)

  • Hi Elian,

    We need to bring them down a peg or two. BTW Its not just the Torys, Labour started them.



  • signed and shared

  • Signed...

  • Signed and shared n FB

  • Signed.......

  • Signed and sealed ................

    they will only treat it like they treat us and thats like the rubbish !

    an unfair system and not a thing to do with wot we suffer from at all..........its a joke it really is this aint helping its only making everyone more ill with worry.

    Rant over.............for now lmao.............


    i think this maybe how we aint getting wot we are

  • Why are the Government trying to suppress (by discrediting those who mention it) any possible connection between it and the deaths of people who have been found "fit for work" after undergoing the ATOS work Capability Assessment and the way the assessment is conducted? I believe it deserves a Public Inquiry on the scale of Leveson.

  • Hi Roger,

    Who would have that information? That sounds like a piece of investigative journalism to find that out. Its for certain that Government wouldn't do it

  • signed

  • Signed

  • Apparently DEPAC will protesting against Atos during the two weeks can't wait to see if it gets any media coverage

  • Signed.... Suffering COPD, Getting over a Heart Attack and With Anxiety problems. Found fit. what a Joke how can these Doctors sleep at night. This isn't what they trained for .

  • what a joke.... this is almost upto hilterism within britain

  • have signed and requested that we all see Atos's winning bid under freedom of info act

  • ooh, love the internet... people joining together for positive change.

  • signed.

  • Signed - viva la revolution

  • Sighned

  • Signed and shared.Lets hope for some positive action

  • Signed and shared

  • Will sign and share too.

  • Signed

  • Signed

  • Signed.

    Yet another company employed to put targets before people's needs. Disgusting!!

  • Hi to all.

    Wow and thanks!!! I am so pleased by the response and the additional signatures given to the petition The misery that Atos cause is horrendous.

    I only hope that the inquiry the Audit Office is doing comes up with at least a fine but preferably make them get their act together and treat people with compassion. I know that's wishful thinking, we can all dream cant we?



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