Feeble, Fat, Fifty & Fed up !!!

Hi everybody, It's "Moaning Minnie", back for another gripe in the vain hope it might make me feel better !

I'm still trying to get back to work, just been passed as "fit with restrictions" by my company doctor who has now recommended considering an alternative post.

Still awaiting the results from my ATOS exam ( I'm expecting to receive bad news, and lose my ESA & housing benefit).

Just got a letter from the hospital telling me to lose weight as I have mild sleep apnoea !

I'm still waiting for my PR appointment (2months & counting).

I've been told I have mild/moderate emphysema & lung fibrosis, yet I feel absolutely cream crackered most of the time.

My back & shoulder is hurting 24/7, even though I'm on strong painkillers & have had steroid injections.

All this makes me feel a bit of a fraud, especially when I read how much everyone else is suffering.


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understand everything xxxxx

Feeble, Fat, Fifty & Fed up !!!

You most definitely are NOT !!

You are Fifty, Fabulous, Forceful and a Fighter !!

Go get 'em :)

but forget the fag !!

Love your comment Elian and totally agree! :)

Good comment elian! Keep up the Fight - Fifty, Fabulous Forceful and a Fighter !!

Don't have that fag,it will only make you feel worse not better. I agree with the 4 f's above. :)

Hi, never give up (fags are the exception!) as you are not a fraud. Keep up the fight! The hospital are so sweet aren't they?...... just lose weight eh! If only it were that simple! Hope things turn out better for you. Take care. sassy59

keep fighting, everyone is allowed a bad day or two.... but don't let it beat you!! xx

So sorry you feeling so down Mudshark. You are in good company here and everybody, but everybody understands.

the 4F's Bev xx

Thankyou,Thankyou,Thankyou to everyone for all your kind comments, although I do believe you might have got your "F" words muddled up !!!

Sometimes I can be a bit of an old tart, with feelings of worthlessness ( ahh, poor old me ).

I'm ashamed to admit I did give in to the fags, again & a couple more !!!

But I promise to try and be a good boy in the future.


Take care

Dave xxx

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