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Hiring Oxygen Abroad - anyone done it?

Hi I am new on here and really looking to find out things to help my husband who has asbestosis. We are going on holiday and trying to organise oxygen but keep hitting a brick wall with his UK provider. We are going to Italy and they will not hire to the patient directly - saying it has to go through the provider, who say they cannot do - what can we do I am near cancelling as worried he will need it and cannot get it! help.....


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Hi Colette Sorry to hear you are having trouble with arranging oxygen.

I go to Pulmunory Rehab and we had a talk last week on oxygen by a nurse. She said that if the airline is satisfied that the sats are too low then the airline can arrange better oxygen than normally is on the plane. But you have to ask for this. Some airlines allow you to carry your own portable oxygen on the plane. The NHS however cannot supply oxygen in the country because of differences in supply and you have to arrange and pay for it in the country you are visiting. It can be expensive too.

Hope you can work something out and go on holiday love. x

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Hi Colette

I went to Israel about 3 years ago and we managed to hire an oxygen concentrator. We were able to borrow the concentrator from a firm who sold them. It cost about £300 but since we were visiting family there was no question that we wouldn't go because of cost. We found out about the firm from the local first aid group in Israel. I hope this gives you some ideas for alternative organisations to approach.

Good Luck




you can hire in the UK, portable concentrators, to take abroad. They adverise on line or in 'Breathing Space'. Try Intermedical Home care, 0800 028 2194.they should be able to supply you for your holiday. You can use these whilst flying BUT fill out the paperwork with the airline first. Good luck. Guilio!!


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