I feel a real sense of achievement

I live by the seaside and sometimes take the dog down to the beach which is about 250 feet below. I then cross over to another non-doggie beach to get transport up the hill.

Anyway about 1 week ago I decided to see if I could walk back up the same way. . Amid much coughing, sob and stopping 3 times for a rest I made it! I also did it again today. Wow. Just as well as I have not been able to go back to the gym due to lack of finance.

Will ring BLF and see if there are any free excercise in my area.

Im so pleased with myself though!! Bev xx

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  • Well done :)

  • well done, its always great when you achieve a goal, i should take a page out of your life. 43 tomorrow & feel i should conserve rather than push out sometimes.

    Keep going

  • many happy returns for tomorrow Al. Marilyn x

  • Thank you al1969. Happy birthday hope you have good one x

    P.S You seem young - I'm 58!

  • Well done you. it gives you belief that you can push yourself a little and set achievable goals, however small. Hopefully you will find somethign in your area thats affordable and fun,

    Marie x

  • Thank you MarieWF x

  • Thank you Stitch (and alias) lol x :)

  • We are so lucky to live by the sea and I'm so grateful to be able to still have an adventure or two, I had to 'reverse' down a very,very, steep sand dune the last time we ventured out, I was so puffed out from laughing so much! They don't have pulmo rehab where I live and I can't afford the liesure centre, perhaps we should just put some of our favourite music on and dance a little! I'm getting 'waterproofed' and it's off for a walk in the rain with the dog again,hope you have a good week x

  • Thank you hufferpuffer hope you do too x My sister and me did just that once. There was no one there because it was raining so we sang - singing in the rain and others and danced too. The dog thought we were mad lol

  • Well done hypercat, I get out with my dog virtually every morning (at the moment) usually walking on the flat but sometimes push myself and reach the top of one of the many hills in Derbyshire.

    Its not far distance wise but the sense of achievement plus giving my Lungs some exercise and loosening em up makes me feel a lot better! *and it's nice scenery

    The R/Clinic Nurse is happy for me to do this rather than go to a Gym, not that I could afford to attend one regularly anyway.

    Best wishes


  • Lol Woodshaper. I take my sisters dog out every day for walkies!! If its raining its the park opposite. If its ok its a place called Walls Hill - 3 fields together that go up up up. If Im feeling energetic its down to the beach Torquay is built on 7 hills like Rome. I always say they should have flattened it out first x

  • this is not much but may help.I have just finished rehab and one of the handouts is a home exersise programme with 10 exercises on it. nothing too difficult although there are days when I cant manage them all,however I dont worry about it.

    anyway if you would like me to send you a copy please go to my messages with your address I think its private, as I am pretty new here thats the only way I can think of as private' If there is another way someone here will hopefully advise.only trying to help, I know they have helped me

  • Yes I will thank you nellie15. I have only been here just over a month and am fairly technically illiterate....I only discovered my own message board a week ago! :)

  • It is amazing what we can do when we try - and what a boost it gives our confidence. A few weeks ago, on a visit to London, I climbed up to the Whispering Gallery in St Pauls (I can't remember how many steps - 250?) I had to stop lots and lots of times and was unspeakably out of breath to get to the top. I ignored the funny looks I was getting from everybody thinking that they didn't know me any way. After a few minutes rest (there was a seat at the top just before the very last bit) I got to the gallery - guess what, my other half said he had vertigo and wanted to go straight down. All that time and being out of breath for nothing! It was an acheivment though. I last went up it as a 12 year old schoolgirl. Incidentally it was the first time I have been charged £14 (for over 60's) to get into a church - even St Peter's in Rome is free - they only charge for the Vatican.

  • The Whispering Gallery is amazing isn't it Milestone? I went up it in 1987. I remember because I was on jury service at the Old Bailey. We had a spare half day so we all went up there and to the Barbican. It was an amazing day. I didn't get sob then nor get charged lol x

  • Bigger sense of achievement than I felt on my exercise bike and it is free to do what you can when you can when you have off days and do not feel like doing it (more often than I should) or a trip to a gym would take up your energy before doing exercises.

    You are an inspiration for others to try and follow.

  • Aw rubberball thank you. I can;t remember the last time I was an inspiration to anyone...oh yes about 5 years ago when I gave up smoking (for 4 months). My smoking friends were amazed and said if I could give it up they could too! x

  • That is great news, keep it up for as long as you can, just don't do yourself any damage. I am so envious that you live by the sea, that is my dream. Mam and dad always wanted that too. Nevermind.

    You should be well chuffed with yourself xx

  • Living by the sea can be great tanyamarie. My mum and dad always wanted to so they moved to Torquay 1972. I didn't move here until 1996 - I came via London.

    But the downside is loads of tourists (we call them grockles), lousy jobs, hotels, shops, carers etc. and not much proper work. Lousy shops too. So the grass isn't always greener. x

  • Well done. What's next. Marilyn xx

  • Consolidate nannie63. Consolidate x

  • Well done Hypercat :D

  • Thank you Spritz x

  • Thank you for all your replies - I didn't expect so many! :)

  • Brilliant - well done! You have overcome so much - the fear of being breathless (which my husband finds very difficult) and actually doing it!! Lots of love xx

  • Thank you TADAW for your lovely message. I was reassured at my PR group that you can't die from breathlessness because your body automatically slows you down until you recover! But I wouldn't try it if I had a weak heart etc. I was very sob but just had as many rests as I needed. I only went as fast as BORG 4. No point being a fool about it! xx

  • reading all this is such an inspiration, I am so unfit, can I really end up walking up so many steps, and up the stairs at St Pauls !! ?

  • Thank you medow. I dont think I could walk up the steps to St Pauls now...it was a few years ago. I am very unfit too but since dog walking and attending my PR group (with excercise included) I am obviously getting a bit fitter. Just try walking up a few steps at a time and you never know what you could achieve! See you in Torquay walking up hills lol xx

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