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Feeling nervous!!

I have had a really good summer this year. Out and about on my mobility scooter; out with friends and family. In between times have enjoyed just sitting in the garden listening to boooks on tape or reading from my kindle. Yes have had to take the dreaded Steriods due to 1 bad episode but was content in the knowledge that was still on annual leave from work so no extra stress from there.

So what's the problem? Well very simply I start my new job on Tuesday and am so nervous about it. Will be working with lots of people I don't know. Based in a large office / building. Yes work are fully aware of my condition(s) and I can park at work - a big advantage over most of my collegues. But the whole "starting a new job" thing is making me feel nervous. I know that given a few weeks (or months) to settle in and I'm sure I will be fine, its just getting through that time! I even know that work clearly want me despite my disability - they redeployed me when lots of people were made's just getting through the next few hours!!! Have been having horrendous dreams about work - all very stressful and unpleasant.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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How exiting for you to be offered a new job and with concessions too :) although I do understand your nervousness Bevvy. Think back to when you started the job you are doing at the moment and how you got along with your colleagues then. This time will be no different I suspect, but it's never comfortable being the 'new girl'. I'm sure you will be fine though :)

Try to relax and just be 'you', that's all it will take.

Good luck and much happiness in your new work.


Good luck with new job Bevvy. I'm sure all will be fine. Marilyn x


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