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Preparing for winter

Is there anything we should start doing now to prepare for the cold weather, or any tips on how to make things easier? This will be really the first winter since Puff was properly diagnosed.

I guess my main concern would be to ensure he has medication on hand in case supplies are disrupted due to bad weather, but not sure how I would go about that.

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As far as the medication is concerned alway keep a rescue package of medication in hand ie: antibiotics and steroids and when you come to use it, order some more straight away.

I am registered at my chemist they hold my repeat prescription and I have to phone them when I need items. The chemists then take the repeat to the doctors, collect prescription when ready and then bring the medication to me at home. This means I do not have to go out at all if weather is bad.

I also order all my groceries on line and they bring them straight into the kitchen for me, its worth the small cost to have them delivered.

If you have to go out try a scarf across your mouth to try and hold back that cold air.

I am sure there will be many more tips from these good people on here.



pollyjj you have said everything I was gonna, try and keep a regular temp , going from hot to cold n vice versa can bring on breathing probs. x


When winter comes I always make sure that I avoided crowded places, especially public transport, you never know who is carrying the dreaded cold germs !! Try to eat healthily and keep up the vitamin C levels, plenty of fruit and veg to help fight against colds, plus as much exercise as Puff can manage.

Polly's tip about the scarf is a good one.



There are lots of things, I lost the content of my previous reply but will come back later to add more.

Don't forget the flu jab for you both around October time for the coming season and as already mentioned try to avoid those infected with a cold or the flu virus wherever possible. I use Lysterine Total mouth wash and gargle first sign of scratchy throat, I find that can helps stop a cold developing if you catch it straight away (gargle 3 x daily until signs have gone). Other tips I'll share later. For now I am going to enjoy some summer sunshine :)


thank you all, plenty to think about! I will check about the repeat prescriptions and the flu jab.


Hi just to say I agree with all the above. A scarf is brilliant and I always use one in the winter months. Breathe through your nose and out your mouth if you can. If you cant make sure the scarf covers your nose as well. There is nothing like getting a blast of freezing cold air straight into your lungs....cough splutter....... x


I find a cool mist humidifer helps also int the dry winter months.


Vitamin D3 too as lack of sunshine depletes this vitamin.


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