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Invacare Solo2 Transportable Oxygen any tips on using this?

Invacare Solo2 Transportable Oxygen any tips on using this?

Here's a photo of this concentrator.

Only delivered yesterday and I've yet to get to grips with it properly. I'm wondering if anyone here has used one of these and can give me any inside info about it. The instruction books aren't always right on times.

I've found it's noisy and it is heavy at 20+ pounds but that's as far as I've got. Any feedback appreciated!

I've put this here so I can add the photo which isn't possible in the Questions section.

I am grateful for this machine but can't help thinking this is old tech as it looks and sounds so ..clunky.

I hope it's efficient!

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Dont mistake it for the rubbish bin, good job its noisy, other than that, let us know how you get on with it, might need one myself soon


Hi Rob, sorry I can't be of any help. Just wanted to ask if you would kindly give us a 'no holds barred' consumer report on it when you have used it for a week or two. It's always useful to hear these things from 'users' rather than promotional blurb! Thanks in anticipation, P :)


I'm poring over the instruction books yet trying to figure out the display. It is on free loan from Dolby and there is only one battery provided. Yes, I will report back on how I fare with it, glad to.

Look at the price.


What I REALLY REALLY want is a red oxygen filled balloon to carry round with me. :-)


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