Every cloud has a

My husband who has severe osteoporosis in his knees decided it was time for him to stop driving, and I agree he is just in too much pain now. Unfortunately this means that I will now have to drive everywhere myself including Hospital and Doctors appointments, where he could drop me off I will now have to find a parking space, pay, and more importantly walk longer distances which I find very difficult, but I will manage.

Silver Lining. :)

Yesterday we took my husbands car and gave it to our grandson, (22) who can drive but at the moment could not afford to buy one. The look on his face, he was smiling from ear to ear he just couldn't believe it. Now he can look further afield for a better job and go to his girlfriends without having to ask for lifts.

In all it was a partly sad but also a very happy day.


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What a very generous gesture from you and your husband polly :)

The silver linings ARE there if we look for them.

Heart warming story of finding positives. Do you have Dial-a-Ride in your area it has been very good for me when transport is a problem best wishes to both of you.

We have Ring and Ride here but you know it never entered my head to use it always thought of it for people who didn't drive. What a good idea CrispyDuck thank you.


Have got a real feel good from this blog thank you so much :-)

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