Unlucky Find!!!

Unlucky Find!!!

Having a clear out of a large but full, built in cupboard - i have come across an old but working exercise bike, left behind by one of the kids.

I kind of made a promise to myself and another, get a little bit fitter to see if it would ease my symptoms.

So after a bit of adjustment to the height of the seat and an adjustment to the machine tension - off i set on my imaginery bike ride, up hill and down dale, peddling at a steady pace.

I set myself a small but modest target of either 2.5miles or 30 minutes which ever came first.

Well dear readers - i am pleased to say i reached the target set for myself, all sweaty and blowing like a hurricane.

But after a days rest Ohhhhh the pain - my legs are on fire and as for my butt jezzz a pain killing suppository would be handy.

hate to think what people are thinking as i walk to the car - i now have a better cowboys gait than john wayne!!!!!

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  • Fantastic story, never laughted so much in ages. Keep up the good work though, good to see you still got it in you. Work hard and keep safe don't over do it.

    Keep us posted with the new fitness craze.

    Big well done, keep the cowboy walk for DALLAS starting thos September.

    My new bike comes first week September and off I go to the local parks.

    David 1968

  • Hi 68,

    Well things are moving along at a steady pace, managed to remount the old steed last night and after pedalling along for a little while unfortunately the butt pain returned. I have now figured out the the Marquis De Sade was actually the inventor of the bicycle seat!!!!

  • Oh my fingers have gone dyslexic lol, so will start again lol.

    Firstly what a lovely monicker - lyndierose, and secondly i haven't yet noticed an improvement in the old breathing department, but its early days yet - but boy does it leave you knackered.

    Nice to read that you are staying on the site - don't let a minority spoil things, they aren't worth it (hugs)

  • I tried an exercise bike and after about half a km my thighs were on fire!! Realised seat was too low. I don't think I've ever sweated as much and that was only a couple of KM. well done you!

    Marie x

  • Hello Marie,

    Ty for the support, hopefully the pain will ease the more i use this - instrument of torture - So dig your bike out and get pedalling

    Mucks x

  • Well done muckster,

    Hope it helps your breathing and hope your joint

    and butt pain goes soon.

    I've not got a bike but do have bike pedals and you sit on a chair .

    Better dig them out of the shead lol xxx

  • Hi Airbags,

    You will need to do the same as Marie above and dig out the pedals - Tour de local park here we come lol


  • A modest target would have been trying the saddle for comfort first I think...

    I wanted to get an exercise bike not long ago. Someone had one on that auction site but for local collection only, Wife said 'no', mainly 'cos we've nowhere to put it 'cept at her side of the bed ;-)

    As for Dallas - It's already been and gone in the States and the big news is... it's back for another series next year too. I've not seen it, not my thing, but my wife has ;-) - all 10 episodes.

  • Gordon,

    Tell missus G, that you can get the fold down bikes now so hardly take up much space - she will still have room to get in and out of bed without any hassle lol

  • Can't wait till it starts I've been watching the old DALLAS on Sky and it brough back old memories from days gone back living at parents house, they were the days.

    David 1968

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