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A small leap for mankind a GIANT leap for Marie!

Not completely related to my lungs and their rubbishness but we all know that they have this habit of restricting what we are able to do. If they were a football team I wouldn't think twice about roundly booing them, but they aren't. I'm stuck with them and they won't get any better...

So I have decided I am going to fight them a little. I said I had joined a gym ( I have, but my induction isn't until early September), but since March i have been going swimming to a private pool on a weekly basis with my mum (who is a COPD) sufferer. However I have been wanting to go more and more often so on Monday night after working up to it for an age, I went to the local public swimming pool and I went swimming!

Nothing odd in this you would think but its been 30 years since I have been in a public pool and I am nowhere near sylphlike so I was terrified. Guess what though, nobody gave a toss! They were all there to swim like I was! I did 600m, not bad but I usually manage closer to 1000 (but thats usually in the mornings when I feel fitter).

One thing about having lungs like ours - you don't need to tread water - you just bob along, even in the deep end...

I am hoping to go back tonight!


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fantastic!! good for you Marie x

Brilliant, well done!

Well done good for you

Well done - change the word fighting to helping, suffering to living successfully with ;)

you will be amazed how helpful your choices are. :)

Enjoy Marie

Good for you! :)

Brilliant, well done Marie :-)

:) yes good for you x

I thing you just got GOLD very well done |!!!!

That's fantastic well done and keep it up.

Auntymary xx

Thats Brilliant, long may the swimming continue. x

That's brilliant long may you continue!! I can't even walk 600m, let alone swim it!! (wish I could swim, lol!)

Jude x

How fantastic is that - what an achievement!

Sue x

Thanks everyone. Didn't make it last night, went ten pin bowling instead but I'm off back to the pool tonight. Will see how I get on.

I've only just caught up with your blog Marie and have to say I'm full of admiration for you :)

Keep up the good fight !!

This is fantastic! BLF Active is very impressed!

Are you going to keep it up?! We hope so...

Thanks Katie

Yes I do plan to keep it up. I went again last Thursday and last night where I improved my totals. Off back on Wednesday and Thursday hopefully.


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