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Pallative care arranged for dad sad

Me and dad went to see GP today and dad has agreed to have the macmillan care team come in. He was so upset saying he was a burden to mam and he just wanted the GP to help him stop coughing at night so he didn't disturb mam and she could sleep. He is so selfless and always thinking of others. I could hug him forever.

It was my birthday Sunday and my daughter was 6 yesterday so we had a really nice family meal out and went back to mam and dads for the 'cake'. It ended up being quite a celebration as they had bought Kate a pink cd player or 'boom box' and she had new pop music cd's which she played and we ended up dancing and having a right good laugh. To see dad's face smiling and laughing at us was lovely and he had a fab time. I had a cwtch with him on the settee and as nice a sit was I couldn't help but think, this will be my last birthday with my dad and I tried so hard not to cry. He was so happy and I didn't want to ruin it for him.

He's been given oramorph now to help with his breathing as the O2 doesn't seem to be helping much at all now. I hope it helps, really do.

I'll keep you posted when I can, take care all xxx

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Hi Tanyamarie, Glad you all had a lovely time for you and your daughters birthday, so sorry to hear about your dad, just keep smiling and keep thinking of all the lovely times you have had,

Please take care and my heartfelt wishes go out to you and your family

Julia xxxx

Sending huge hugs to you. Your daughters birthday sounds like it was lovely and I'm sure your dad will have loved every minute of it.

Take care

Marie x

Thinking of you all, you know we are here for support; to vent whatever you need, don't forget that. Sending hugs Val x

sounds like you had a wonderful weekend . sending hugs and love to you and all the family


Dear tanyamaria, feeling for you, sending loads of thoughts and hugs your way.

You have made some wonderful memories together and no doubt your little daughter has brought your Dad much pleasure as you have throughout your life together. I hope the oramorph will help both his breathing and cough so that he is as comfortable as can be, free and able to enjoy more time with his family.

Keep in touch when you can

Auntymary xx

so sorry for you all ,thinking of you take care xxxx

Thinking of you, it is a difficult time but as Auntymary said you have made some really lovely memories with your family & it would appar that you Dad had a really happy family time with you & your daughter.

I'm sure that the Macmillan nurses will give him the best care.

Take good care of yourself (((hugs)))

Jo xx

thinking of you

joy and sorrow...

what a wonderful dad , so brave and thoughtful

take care x

So sorry you are so sad. I wish I had really thanked my Dad for all he had done, before it was too late - he knew he was loved and appreciated though. Hard to do as it can suggest the end of life I know.

Thinking of you tanyamarie and your wonderful family. How great to spend such a lovely time with your dad. What amazing memories. So sad though.

Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

thinking of you and your family, Tanyamarie, tell him you love him every chance you get - thats the one thing i regret when i lost my dad, im sure i could have told him more.

message me if you want a chat xx

Tony xx

Hi Tanyamarie,

Sorry to hear about your Dad, I'm sure your visits are always a great comfort to him.

We're all here to support each other, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to talk.

Take care

Dave xxx

I actually found it hard too write something,as the words didn"t look or sound right..

Nice too read your dad had a lovely day,such an amazing chap to think of your mum too..

Chin up,our thoughts are with you all...xx

thinking of you and your family.

Belated birthday wishes and big (..............HUGS...........) to one and all. Marilyn xx

How sad - and what brave people you all are. What else can one say - except we are all here for you and your family. xx

Memories are so important each day is special, thinking of you and your family

love and prayers xx

so sorry to hear ur news treasure each moment which im sure you are, in my thoughts and love to you all xx

the scary thing is, we are all heading the same way

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