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I'm back!!

well I'm back at my pc after a fantastic holiday in the Lake District. We had an old cottage, with 2 downstairs and 2 upstairs bedrooms ( I booked it before i was ill so that was lucky!!) and it was great. We got out and about most days, one day mum and I had a rest while hubby and the boys went up Coniston Old Man. The fresh air was amazing and just not being at home is always a refreshing change.

I came home to a fabuous bathroom and bedroom which I am slowly sorting out with new bedding, curtains etc. We are very posh now!!

Tomorrow I'm having my hair chopped off...yikes....its been long for years but I'm finding its not in good nick now, I think the illness, and possibly the steroids, have made it brittle and frizzy, also on a bad day I can't even brush it very well, so I thought a new "do" was in order......I'll let you know!!

My Godmother is coming to visit us tomorrow, she's staying with mum (with 3 teenagers and a dog its not so peaceful here!!) and we are all looking forward to seeing her and spending time with her over the long weekend. She's a really special person and her and mum have been friends since meeting at teacher training college when they were 18.

No: 1 son has caught the decorating bug, so has started doing his own room, he's going for a very sophisticated cream and dark grey. I can remember doing mine the summer I was 16...seems to be a family tradition starting :-) (it's taking his mind off results anyway!)

must go and make tea..chilli tonight...hope everyone is ok and breathing easy :-)


Mrs S xx

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Oh Mrs Shimmy, you sound as though you had a wonderful time and have come back relaxed and refreshed .......... and to a virtually NEW home !! That's great news !

I'm so glad you're feeling good right now and I'm sure the new hairdo will work wonders for you, at least it won't take as much upkeep as long hair does, I've had mine short most of my life and don't even bother blow drying it now, just let it dry naturally :)

Enjoy the chilli and maybe save some for me ;)

haha with my hungry lot theres never any spare was yummy though!

Welcome back glad you had a good time :) Val

It sounds great. I am really glad you had such a good time.

Lynne x

glad you had a nice holiday, just the tonic by the sounds of it. And as for the new bedding swinging off the chandaliers and getting it dirtly lol!!!

no promises...specially if the steroids continue making me feel better ;-)

Cumbria is pretty even when it rains :-)

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