Love my severe Asthma nurse

Yesterday teatime I had a severe Asthma attack and scared Me to bits and on my own.Should have rang a ambulance looking back now as was the worst one ever.

I rang my hospital asthma nurse and told me get my doctor do a ECG and bloods done.

Doctor rang me back and said could not do then their.I rang my asthma nurse at sever asthma unit and she said would meet me at the hospital reception.

She took me for a ECG and the only one free was where they test you on treadmill etc and she had gone out of her way take me their for a full ECG and then took me go get my bloods done both at our New hospital.

My asthma nurse went out of her way help me with no appointment today after my doctor.had rang me after his surgery last night and could not do tests.

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  • God Bless your asthma Nurse, so glad you got the treatment needed.

    Hope you are now doing ok.

    Take good care.

  • At one time I would have written a wonderful letter of praise for action like this, if it happened to me, and sent it to my GP and the PCT. But, it's more likely to get that nurse into trouble these days for bypassing whatever protocol and systems they have in place.

    Very pleased that you were treated of course, it would be great if more direct action like this was taken.

  • Thank you Zooe and Gordon for your replys.

    My asthma nurse is one of the best.Got ring her Friday

    for blood results incase need increase Slophyllin from 750 to 1000

  • not a sever nurse then - one for sever asthma :)

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