Week 4 of Pulmonary Rehab

Did good today :) managed all the exercises set even did a bit more of the walking and bike so things are looking up.:)

Had a talk from the pharmacist about inhaler's all very interesting. This is making me think I can do it only at my own pace though, it's hard to slow yourself down but a lesson I have to learn. I still want to run before I can walk ha ha spoke to the physio he is saying slow it down so you are only moderately out of breath ha ha it's hard to do :) Val

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  • well done Val.You see you are starting to enjoy it now.Great North run for you next year ! x

  • Ha ha yes Graham says he won't run with me though to carry my oxygen what a spoil sport eh? :( Val x

  • Well done Val, you are really getting the benefit now :-) Jo x

  • Thanks Jo x

  • Hi Val

    A very big 'well done' and don't worry about your pace. l have been use to walking quickly up and down hospital corridors that despite only a 25% lung function l cannot slow down to save my life. I simple have to stop more regularly to prevent desaturation / distress. Anyway keep up the good work. Marilyn xx

  • Thanks Marilyn :)

  • Well done Val, I`m due to go in October so I`m very interested in everything about pulmonary rehab. Keep up the good work.


  • Thanks Linda, it's definately a learning curve, it is hard to slow down to control your breathing. Graham had mentioned about timing to do the exercises in a shorter time! The physio said yesterday you have to find the happy medium, getting only moderately out of breath it's not about how long it takes. Val :)

  • Yes, like valm, I can't slow down, although I try to. I'm just more of an aerobics person than a yoga one. Do you see it that way Valm? Sometimes I've stopped to get my breath, then notice some tiny little thing and just have to see to it, which lands me in trouble sometimes. Feel I'll never learn. ha ha

  • Yes no that feeling well ha ha, it's so difficult :)

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