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a massive, gigantic thank you to Val :)

Would like to thank the amazing Val for all her messages of support and words of encouragement over this last week.

My baby granddaughter was rushed into hospital after a febrile convulsion and high temperature when i arrived she had been heavily sedated and was on all sorts of IVs and machines which where breathing for her.

I had no idea how ill she really was.

She was taken to a specialist hospital 50 miles away ( that made it worse) and was there for 2 days in the children' s intensive care unit.

She was later returned to our local hospital and until the doctors who saw her in A&E came in to see how she was getting on i had no idea they thought she would not make it

During this time i was looking after my 2 other (3 until she went to stay with a friends) granddaughters in a 3 floor town house, i was so tired i was sleepwalking and always out of breathe coz i was scaling 2 flights of stairs - and to top it off i grabbed my comfort blanket ( yep! started smoking again!)

My granddaughter is home now ( no idea what the problem was with her) and i'm back on the NRT

During all that time the lovely Val was leaving me messages of support and encouragement and whenever i started to feel i could not cope i would read one of her messages.

Just like everyone to know that, thanks to this site, i have made some amazing friends but would especially like to thank Val for all her support during a very tough time

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It's good to hear that all turned out well krazylady and how kind of val to offer moral support and you too, for the public acknowledgment of her efforts.

Fingers crossed for you with the NRT :) and good wishes for the future.


what an awful worrying time, kids are a blessing but can be such a worry too, glad all worked out in the end. Sorry I didn't know you were going through it. xx


You've been through alot, so happy all is well - good to have support at times like that.

libby x


:) xxx


Will be in chat 8pm if you have time Kerry xxx


Glad alls improving now for you and your family. Its such a worrying time when anyone you love is so ill but always seems worse when a little one is so poorly, you feel so helpless and all you can do is watch and pray that they will get better. So glad that you had such great support from someone and others on this site, it really does help to know others care. Hope things keep improving for you all, take care, Luv and Hugs Lorraine xx


Well done coping with all that! Glad you had Val alongside to help and hope the kiddie and you are fighting fit again soon, rest up if possible.



Sorry to hear you have been having such a worrying and tough time, life is difficult some times especially when people you love are unwell. Although new to the group it is good to know you have had surport from Val. And a big welldone to you for quickly getting back to the NRT - I know have easy it is to reach for the fag comfort blanket in times of crisis you should be proud of yourself. Hope things keep improving for you and your grand-daughter and stay off the fags you don't need them as I can tell by your bloggs your a festy lady. take care.


Thank goodness you managed to cope (good luck with the quitting smoking again) and well done to the hospitals who cared for your beloved grandaughter. What a worrying time. It makes you feel good when so many wonderful people, especially Val, offer such support and words of encouragement just when you need them most. Good luck to you and your family. Thinking of you. Sassy59 xxxx


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