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Food preparation and Diet

Wot types of food do u eat and prepare, i can't cook or be in kitchen without oxygen. i eat out all the time wen i can but wen I'm ill i have meals on wheels delivered which is Expensive. not very nice or a small plate of food and a sandwich for ur evening meal, I've lost two stone plus, in the last year and my muscle wastage is at it's worse.

i need to reign in my expenses now....

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HI Heavo, I recently bought a slow-cooker. I 've put all sorts of things (well, food - wise!!) in it and I leave it on low all day. I ve had some really tasty meals. For example, I bought a gammon joint last week - cost about three pound from ASDA. Cooked it slowly, it was delicious and lasted three days (in meals and sandwiches!) I think they 're inexpensive to use too. I bought my son one for Christmas last year and he puts it on before he goes to work and has a lovely meal ready when he gets home. He even cooks curries in it! I thoroughly recommend it! x


You could keep a supply of ready meals in your freezer and put them in the microwave, they are not dear and often on 3 for 2 offer at the super market, it would not be too expensive to have two at a time if you feel one is not enough


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