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Has anyone thought about the weight they are carrying around with them in their day to day life? I don't mean body weight, we can't help that what with lack of excersise and steroids, but since I have been on oxygen and using a helios tank when I go out I have been conscious of it's weight. Then taking a raincoat from the wardrobe (will we never be able to go out without) I realised it was heavier than the one I had been wearing so it went back. Now I weigh it all in my hands and decide what I will be doing and what is the lightest to wear for what, may sound silly but I think it works. Also when I shower I use a towelling wrap after, then I do not have the effort of drying my torso and arms, the wrap absorbs it so there are only my legs left!

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Have you done a course on helping live with things they had lots of advice about things for living with COPD it gave me some good ideas on how life could be better with some plans made.

If you struggle to dry yourself after a shower use a hair dryer. :)

That's a very good idea caroleoctober :) I prefer wearing lightweight, loose clothing. Breathing is so much easier then.

Due to my various aliments I have long since worn clothes and shoes to meet my every day needs. Clothes tend to be light and breathable, and easy to put on so that I don't get too SOB and shoes well, try to have mainly slip ons or velcro straps, better for me because I find bending just makes me more breathless. So the least time I need to spend putting on shoes and doing them up the better for my breathing.

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