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How lucky we are

Do you ever think how lucky we are to have been born in this time with all the medical advances and treatments? I thought about this at the hospital the other day when Puff went, how clever it all is that here are these diagnostic tools, inhalers, antibiotics, etc

I also have a serious illness and just like COPD sufferers, sometimes feel a little depressed about it, but I find it interesting to consider what life must have been like for sufferers of the same illness even just fifty years ago, not as good as how my illness is managed, I am sure.

My faher's sister died aged five in the 1920's of what appears to be the same illness, of course there were no diagnostic tests back then.

I makes me wonder what medical breakthroughs and new treatments there could be in the near future, and I find that a positive and comforting thought.

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Amazing how things have improved, yes it gives you hope for the future Val

My dad died in '62 of a heart attack. He was 62. I was 61 when I had mine ( a minor one thankfully ). I had a stent put in. I do wonder sometimes how long my dad would have lived if they had stents and suchforth in those days of yore.

What you say is very interesting I believe I have seen black and white photos of TB patients all in their beds on the lawns of hospitals

There was a politician, forget his name, a prime mover for the disabled, famously said something like

"If we can't give them a longer life, we can give them a life for longer"

Lord Alf Morris past away recently aged 84. he inspired the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970." From blue badge to motorbility, from welfare concerns to disabled access to public buildings, his reforms really encompassed the whole spectrum of issues faced by disabled people. who will take up the baton next.

You are so right TOD ! :)

My mother had what was then known as chronic bronchitis and emphysema (COPD hadn't been 'invented' then). She died in 1985. I remember the doctor saying to her " Mrs A, what you need is a new pair of lungs and unfortunately we cannot do that" :(

In 2012 I have the same condition (and have had it since 2000) but my outlook is quite bright and with the aid of my health professionals team I'm looking forward to many more years ahead.

I had an assessment done in July by the PERTS team respiratory nurse. Here is a short extract from a letter sent to my GP, a copy of which I received this morning.

"Mrs M was reviewed at home on the 16th July 2012, in regards to her Non-Invasive Ventilation which she uses to control her severe COPD which required three admissions for acute NIV in 2011/12. I am pleased to report that Mrs M is feeling very well at present. Mrs M's compliance is excellent with 100% use of the BiPAP for approx 9 hours a night which appears to be working well as she reports her daytime tiredness score (EPWORTH) AS 3/24 (well within acceptable ranges of <10). "

Today I feel like I did when, at school, I got a good report card :)

Keep smiling, and keep on keeping on !

Fantastic results hope you are celebrating tonight, well done and a big hug to you.


Thanks David :)x

My father died 22 years ago with COPD although all we knew was that he had a bad chest and it was probably bronchitis, (it was emphysema). He had the usual treatment, inhalers, antibiotics and steroids but only prescribed by the Doctor, no Consultants, respiratory nurses or rehab for him. He just had to get on with it.

I remember on days when he felt very poorly he would take and extra steroid and would swear the next day that it had done him good.

We are so lucky for the support we have today from the professionals and of course from each other especially on this site.

Think lucky


We are all very lucky to live in an era that has seen a great improvement of health treatments.

So try and help future generations have an even better life by contacting your local hospital's research unit to offer your services. Richard Cornish

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