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A big hi ;0)

Hello all,

I have been following the blogs for several weeks now with great interest and thought it about time i introduced myself or to be truthful l now feel able to introduce myself. My name is Marilyn although if you wish you may call me nannie ...many do. I am 63 tomorrow and come from Norfolk. I was diagnosed with emphysema & asthma in November 2010. At the time l was just getting over a heart attack which i'd had in October 2010. I had been quite a fit individual until July / August 2010 when l began experiencing sob when on holiday up in the mountains of France. I retired from the job l loved last May and still miss the role, the patients and the colleagues. Enough about me for one day. Having read your post, l noted what a wonderful support network you have develop. I hope in the main most of you are well and enjoying your day. Chapter 2 another day!! Take care xx

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A big HI to you Marilyn and welcome, I'm quite new here myself, it's a great place with equally great people and advice and support,, oh, and a huge happy birthday for tomorrow

Mike x

Hello and nice to meet you Mmike. Thanks for birthday wishes. Off to Yarmouth with daughter and grandaughter then out for meal with other members of busy day. Will look forward to getting to know all. Take care x

Hi and welcome :) Val x

Hi Val, good to meet you. Look forward to getting to know you. x

Good to have you with us and welcome

Libby x

Thanks Libbygood. Will talk again soon. x

Hi Marilyn, welcome :)

Happy Birthday for tomorrow, have you lots of celebrations planned?

Auntymary xx

Thanks for welcome and birthday wishes Auntymary. Off to Great Yarmouth with daughter and grandaughter then out for meal tomorrow night. Should be a good day. Will probably need a rest before evening outing. Marilyn x

Hi Nannie.

It is a great site, isn't it? Have a lovely birthday tomorrow. Tell us all about whatever it is you do.

Lynne x

Thanks for birthday wishes. Will let you know how day goes later. Marilyn x

Hello Marilyn and a very warm welcome to the group :) I'm glad you've liked what you've seen of us so far !

Congratulations and many many happy returns of the day for tomorrow :)x

Hello Elian, many thanks and will talk more soon. x

Hello Marilyn I too am a newbie I only joined yesterday but already I have found this is a great place to be :-) ....A very Happy Birthday for tomorrow hope you have a special day planned xx

Thanks for your birthday thoughts. Will look forward to many interesting chats. x

Welcome and a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow, hope you have a great day and look forward to your next blog. Luv Lorraine x

Thanks Ioda, looking forward to a nice day with family and chatting more soon. x

Hi Nannie

Welcome and have a lovely day tomorrow!

Marie x

Thanks Marie, talk soon. x

Hi Nannie, welcome. Have a lovely birthday tommorrow. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Thanks Ingy. Out with family tomorrow. Next chapter soon!! xx

Hello nannie - Have a loverly birthday tomorrow and an enjoyable day out with your family. welcome to the site I am also a newmember x

Hi Blackbird.....we should all be in bed. Indeed l was but struggling to breath whilst lying down so here l am. Nice to meet you and thanks for birthday thoughts. Grandaughter Ellie here with me tonight ready for the celebrations tomorrow. Will talk again soon and get to know each other. t/c x

Welcome Nannie and HAPPY BIRTHDAY xxxx Dinny xxxx

Thanks Dinny. Just back from a smashing meal out with family at 'ask italian'. xx

Welcome Nannie, and Happy Birthday ! Hope you have a lovely day with your family.

Hello Huffnpuffer (what an appropriate name), thankyou for birthday wishes and welcome. Have had a great day with family...good company and delicious food. xx

Hi Nannie,

I am quite new too. I have found this site so useful it really is helping me come to terms with my newly diagnosed COPD diagnosis. Like you, I was abroad when I first experienced the SoB thing.

My daughter and I were the "babies" of a party, of about 20 elderly people , visiting a beautiful Medieval castle on a hill ( felt like the Swiss Alps!!). As the second youngest I was giving and receiving a great deal of teasing about getting to the top of the steep incline and to prove a point I raced on ahead - well, I actually took about ten steps and something happened - I could n't breathe!! The rest of the party over took me - shaking their walking sticks ( hobbling and supporting each other -it was treacherous) and shouting at me for being the youngest and most unfit. I really thought I was going to die! Everyone believed I was just playing around but I really couldn't breathe. I eventually managed to get to the top, where the rest of the party had to wait for me!! I had a similar experience in June on the Dover - Calais ferry walking from the bottom of the ship up the long and winding ramp to the top!! My son started shouting about an ambulance! No More castles on mountainous hill tops and def no more ferries!! Since then it literally has been 'down-hill ' all the way !!! Thank God for a sense of humour!

Have a great birthday. It s probably very exciting for you at the moment with your granddaughter and all the prep. Enjoy every single minute!!

Take care - have fun xx

Thanks Terri-rose. Have had a super day although tiring. Off to bed soon. Will have good old chat soon. T/C xx.

Happy Birthday Nannie, :) I hope your day was wonderful!,it's so good to meet other people with copd, especialy ones with a sense of humour like terri-rose!,I never actualy introduced myself when I joined a short time ago, my name is Cazz and I'm enjoying this site, indeed it has has given me the giggles this afternoon reading back on some of the posts! There's also some great advice to be had by the input of fellow members!! Hope everyone is having a good day today! :)

Have just returned from a great day thanks Cazz. xx

Welcome and Happy Birthday x

Thanks, have had a great day cantgetmybreath. Will chat soon. xx

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