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Conserver test!

Well the outcome of the test is I can use a conserver! I will be using cylinders and a conserver to get to work, a concentrator in the office, and my home prescription will stay the same using a concentrator and liquid 02 as I do now.

Planned return date 10th Sept on a phased return (flexi hours) working downstairs I will still need to finish my PR that will end on 24th Sept so have asked for time off to attend. Think it should be ok with my employer whoo hoo who's going back to work :) x

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Thats great news..really pleased for you.

:) x

What great news for you valm :) and a pat on the back for your employee for accommodating your requirements :)

Yes he suggested working down stairs and to build up my hours :) x

Well done, you are very brave - hope all goes well.

Libby x

Wouldn't say brave Libby I need to get back miss it Val x

Congratulations Val, that's great news, well done you :)

Auntymary xx

Thanks Auntymary :) x

Congratulations Val and what an understanding employer.

Lynne x

Yes! Ha ha and I am a good employee! That’s the way I think of it ha ha :)

Really pleased for you Val great news! :-)

Thanks Jo x

excellent news congratulations, your obviously extremely good at what you do that your employer didn't want to lose you :-) best of luck

Cales x

Many thanks love my job :) x

Thanks Stitch xx

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