Doctors do they really care???


It might just me me but I really feel my Doctor could not care less about my Emp.

Was told today if I don't have any big issues with breathing he would see me in 10-15yrs, this was said previously, I was also told it's not like cancer-there is no cure-it will probably get worse over time so stay off the cigs, I was told I was unlucky to get Emp due to my smoking.

Called BLF line today and spoke to a very nice person, BLF nurse is going to call me in the morning to talk me thought my breathing result which were left in an envelope for me at my doctors reception on Friday evening.

It think the NHS is fantastic and have never really had any issues appart from this lovely-caring-re asuring Doctor.

I'm so glad I know my tax and NI is going to someone like him.


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  • Hi David,

    I think it is very much a case of Doctors not having the time to be as caring as they used to be. There are still some gems out there but it seems they are few and far between. We are really fortunate at our surgery with 3 good GP's.

    I also believe David that when you have a long term illness like Emphysema it is important that you build a good relationship with your GP and you both have an understanding of what to expect from each other. You will also be under the care of many other practitioners including respiratory nurses and lung specialists and sometimes they can conflict with each other. Your GP will not necessarily be an expert on your condition and so by talking to your GP about it you can ascertain where to go for advice and when.

    My dad has a very good GP who now knows more about his illness since I had a meeting with her than before and for his day to day care we go to her but if she prescribes something for dad she always advises us to ring his specialist to check if agrees with her decision. We did that just recently when the Gp increased dads steroids but his specialist said not to and explained why. Everyone is working together to help my dad and it is great. It wasn't always like this though David and I had to complain about his lack of care.

    Hope Ive given you food for thought.

  • Thanks seems like you have worked hard to gain and built trust with the GP.

    My GP who I have seen for years is a chest-Lung expert, he holds surgery 4 days out of 5 and attends Hospital one day per week so he really should be more of a support to me, just looking for reasurance from him,, test results were mild however my doctor is either that laid back and not really bothered with the results or maybe I'm looking into things to much and should just go with the flow and take his advice.

    I wouldn't tar all doctors the same as mine as I said the NHS is fantastic and I've had no issues before.

    Take care of your Dad and yourself


  • Sometimes the doctor's don't appreciate that we are worried and need their re-assurance after getting news about an illness. Maybe it's his way of trying to calm you - "it's not that bad, I don't need to see you again about it for at least 10 years..."

    You could look at changing GP if you don't think the situation will change. I would normally say to start with the practise manager, if you have one, at the surgery. If not you would have to go through PALS (I cannot find one in your area...!) and/or your local NHS PCT, see

    Not very helpful, but a bit more local info for you I think:

    While you are talking to someone at the BLF, see if they can help with more local info, and a Breathe Easy group near you perhaps

  • Thanks

    I have made an appointment for this Friday with him so he can explain thing to me in more detail, I have learnt much more on this site and from people like you than I have from my own GP.

    Over the past few weeks my chest is a bit tight now and again, bit spitty in the morning (clear) and when I yawn I try to catch that extra deep breath.

    I thought all this was due to my body clearing it's self out from 18 months of non smoking, been out at work since 9-6, had dinner with the family then me the wife and boys went out with the dogs for an hour, feel good but this EMP is playing havoc on my mind, think I'm making it worse by looking into body experiances and sensations if that makes sence.


  • You could consider changing docs but as your doc is a chest lung expert you could take him literally on his words......

    "if you don't have any big issues with breathing he would see you in 10-15yrs" and "stay off the cigs"

    So that said, if you do start to have issues with breathing don't hesitate to go back to him, I would ask if you could have your spirometry tests annually for peace of mind and also an annual flu shot (ask about the pneumonia shot too). I would also try to avoid people infected with a cold or flu wherever you can, just as a precaution to help preserve your lung health, and of course, avoid passive smoking and exposure to any other smoke. If you ever do get a cold just go back to get your lungs checked, if at any time you start producing a lot of mucus especially if it is discoloured get to see the doc asap.

    Glad you have made contact with BLF I'm sure the BLF nurse will be a great help when you speak with her tomorrow.

    Good wishes


  • Hope speaking with the helpline answers your question they are very good :-)

  • i have been left to ket on with it my Gps just like to dish out more pills it was only when i complaind that my GP suddenly realised that i have not had a chest xray for two years.

    so in my opion GPs don't care.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the reply, hope you are keeping well. Last time I had a chest xray-cts scan was march last year. I've got an appointment this Friday and I will see where it ges from there.

    Take care


  • Once again I must be one of the lucky ones. My GP cares. He always has time within any appointment to actually ask me how I am, not just physically but mentally etc. I haven't seen him in person for a number of months but have spoken to him on the phone and he's been great.

    If you aren't happy then look to change your GP. I think its much easier than it used to be.

    Good luck


  • Hi David,

    You will come across peoply in the health profession who are not as sympathetic as they might be, and i do believe this is because they believe that smoking has caused these problems.But it is not their job to judge, and quite honestly i believe they shouldn't be in the job if this is their attitude.The BLF are the best people to speak to, but i wouldn't put up with a GP with a poor attitude.

  • David when you say your GP is a chest/lung expert do you mean he has a special interest in respiratory. Don't you have a respiratory consultant? They are the 'experts' and even then they have a special interest eg. cf/bronchiectasis - industrial respiratory disease - copd. If you are so unhappy with the support and treatment from this doc, as from what you have said I would be, it may be time to ditch him and find a gp who will refer you to a resp cons.

    Good luck


  • I was diagnosed with COPD and although I dont see a dr regularly my surgery does book me an appointment every 6 months with the copd nurse. She checks my breathing, does bloods and my blood pressure etc. Doesnt your surgery do that? If not they should. x

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