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Good Buys

Looking for a list of things that have made your life easier with your lung condition not an advert for where to buy it cheapest (snake oil two bob a a gallon ) the ideas for others like you can look into before deciding if it might work for them. I would like the list to begin with a long handled shoe horn as getting down to my feet is not getting any easier as time passes.

Anything you think will help can be added from your own experience of using items that change your life and have been good buys.

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some nights i need to sleep sitting up and the best thing i ever got was a v shaped pillow xxxx

Me too xx

Me three

A little travel nebuliser. I travel a lot and bought it for my trip to New York. Its been an absolute godsend.

I'll second the travel nebuliser, wouldn't be without mine :)

Just wanted to ask, do you have prescribed meds for your travel nebuliser?

I just use mine for salbutamol in the morning. They were going to give me a hypertonic saline solution but my consultant didn't think it was worth it.

A large shawl is good for occassional cold spells and saves the fuel bill. and much easier to put on and take off than a sweater.

Husband uses a grabber for picking things up he dropped on the floor and for opening and closing curtains.

My kindle - my husband gave it to me as a birthday present last year and it is fantastic. Light easy to use and loads of books. Makes hanging round for appointments bearable. Also my iPhone. I can order my shopping easily - even from my bed.


Pedometer tells me how the walking has gone (small lightweight)

A device that opens my socks out as I no longer bend in the middle like I once did and trying to put socks on with a grabber is pure frustration and most times it was the simple option not to wear any, the small amount of independence is worth it.

Hi everyone !

I would like anything to do with foot care.

I have difficulty washing and drying feet and cutting toe nails

My Treadmill and my computer - the two things that took me from being almost bedridden, with severe muscle wasting, fatigue and pessimism, to having a reasonably active life again. The treadmill got me walking again and on the road to recovery - and it is still there ready for bad weather days or to help me recover after future exacerbations. The computer allowed my son to watch over me from his workplace when I was very weak, as well as giving me access to research, shopping, copd books, exercise videos etc. If I could keep only two possessions they would be my choices :)

Some good ideas guys. An acapella for me, although I didn't buy it - got it from physio.

Marie if you need to get the gunk up ordinary saline 0.9% is pretty good and some peeps do use hypertonic daily but you have to go for a trial for hypertonic at the hospital before your gp can prescribe it. I use 0.9% but if in trouble I do use hypertonic 7%.

A few months back I got an inflatable bath cushion. It really enables me to have a bath independant of help. Best thing since sliced bread! I also purchased a couple of years ago some long handled scissors which has enabled me to cut my own toe nails. You still have to bend a litte using them but I can manage one toe nail at a time. :-)

Wouldnt be without my oximeter as i desaturate with exercise. I have severe copd (FEV1 around 40%) so it makes me feel safe when out walking, especially up hills. Have been assessed for ambulatory O2 but currently not thought to be necessary as I resaturate quick enough not to risk organ damage. jean

Bought a long handled she horn yesterday for 99p from IK**.Richard Cornish

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