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The Meteors Police

Seeing the reminders on here about the Meteor Showers the UK are currently experiencing, thought I share a little story of my last experience of enjoying such a natural phenomena. Living in a small city watching the night skies isn't particularly great due to the light pollution. So in our younger days (god making us sound old we are only 41 and 40) we used to go night gazing and storm chasing hubby and I. One particular night around about 2000/2001 hubby and I drove out of the city up to a local woods which has some open ground on top of a hill to watch the Meteor Showers. Having watched such a lovely sight we left to make the 20 minute journey back home. On getting back into the central part of the city sat at some traffic lights at twenty to twelve at night I glanced over to notice a local police car taking a lot of interest in us. Knowing that we had not broken the speed limit, was insured, had a MOT and all the lights were working on the car, just knew that PC Plod had nothing better to do and were going to follow us home. Well being in part bloody annoyed because they had been nothing better than useless when we had a burglary at our business thought right then, know your game matey, lets keep you busy. Made my darling husband drive as if heading home, (because I knew the police may well of already checked where the car was registered to), then we took PC Plod for a drive for another half an hour all over the city, keeping within the speed limit. After half an hour, PC Plod pulled us over, we got out of the car as did PC Plod. PC Plod expecting to question us, instead got me interrogating him as to why they thought the need to follow us with no good reason in mind. I then told them that is was no wonder that the police didn't have time to deal with real crime when they wasted valuable time following cars that were legal and not out particularly late, after all there is no curfew. Poor ole PC Plod just didn't know how to answer me, and then got an emergency call that had to be dealt with on blues and twos. Oh I took great joy out of waving them off. I know that the police do an excellent job, and with current cuts the job gets more and more difficult, but sadly there are some total tossers also working as police officers, would love to say this is my only experience of the police behaving badly, but sadly it isn't and just two weeks ago found myself making a formal complaint against a police officer. And this time not was I only listened too, something was done. I don't suffer fools in any shape or form, so should it be Chris Grayling MP (Boooooooooooooo, yes I have had a go at him) to bad health care. I stand up and have my say.

Oh well must go to bed now, knackered after a week of dog sitting, lovely for it to be jus

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3am Monday morning, been out 'cos the dog wanted to do something. Very cloudy, so not going to stay and try to watch for meteors. Not really bothered about watching for Police either ;-)


The police can be a right shower themselves sometimes :)


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