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I'm not surprised in some ways - I weeded for 2 hours at allotment, then a bit of work in back garden. Half an hour yoga and 8 minutes jogging on the spot. I feel ready for bed now, and I know I have exercised, but I could do this and much more not that long ago (January).

I am lucky that I can do so much, but I hate feeling so tired, so early.


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flippin eck, am only a carer and that would knacker me. x

Honestly, I was so fit and active, my COPD diagnosis was such a surprise. I went to the GP because of my sudden breathlesness after giving up smoking in January.

I am lucky as until they gave me Spiriva, I could not walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. this only started in May. Now, I can do a lot more than many others, I know, so I am very lucky but it is still a big shock for me to have moderate COPD.

I don't know how some of the lovely people on here cope.

Lynne x

Maintaining a positive attitude toward the COPD is essential Lnne :) otherwise we would just give up completely and it would have us beaten. I'm damned sure I'm not going to let that happen to me :)

Hahahahahaha ......... that's really funny !! :)

was replying to anagram with the above, don't know what happened !

You might have to start pacing yourself Lynne, it takes a while to realise we just can't do what we did. Try alternating, your exercise day and allotment day, not both on the same day. Or try allotment am, rest refuel (ie 2 hour lunch) then exercise. For me 2 activities in one day is maximum, if I tried to do what you have done, (likely I would not be able to) but if I did I would also be ready for bed or the knackers yard. ;)

If you start pacing yourself you may well last through to 10pm :)


Hey theres a queue for knackers yard you know lol x

Oh I'll have to rethink that then, maybe the chocolate factory - death by choc sounds good ;)

when i first read this i thought it said you where "weeing " in your allotment for 2 hours - was well impressed........:)

seriously though, glad you can still do these things, some days i can't even get to the loo and i live in a flat. !!!!!!

If I've been there a long time weeding, I need to do that too. A handy bucket in the shed!

Lynne x

I will not be asking where you get your manure xxx lol zxxx :)

wow lnne Im impressed you could do so much. I went into town the other day, bumbled round doing a bit of shopping and window shopping. Went back and took the dog out for an hour or so (I go slow she goes fast) then flopped in my chair so tired I couldnt find the energy to to pop over the road and visit my mum! It wasnt sob just leaden legs and zombified!

As for weeding (or weeing as krazylady puts it) never been able to do much of that - my back would seize up and I would be hobbling round like a good 'en! And - dont mention jogging please - the mind boggles......xx

Brilliant you can do all these things, as for being tired - I hate the feeling, your body is telling you to rest. My thoughts are go with the flow, onwards and upwards Val :)

problem is the spirit is saying " you can do it" and the body is saying "ya 'avin a laff love"

HA HA i have a spirit and body like yours xxxx Dinny xxxx

Not any chance I could do weeding. The problem is once you get to my stage, very severe, bending down takes the breathe away, literally. I now use a grabber to pick anything from the floor. Yoga, no chance. laughs. Jogging on the spot. I get out of breathe drying myself after a bath or getting dressed. So will give that a miss. Although there was once when I could do these things before my copd was so severe. Keep it up though Lynne. By keeping active you are slowing the beast down.

Hi derrylynne ,

I too get out of breath drying myself and getting dressed ( a shower knackers me too , can't get in and out of a bath now ) . I love gardening though , i lay down ish to weed , i have a large cushion and shuffle along . I can't do much but get satisfaction out of what i can do . I have some help now and i really appreciate it . Being out in the fresh air and moving about a bit doing a worthwhile job is what keeps me sane . my 2 favourite activities are gardening and swimming , i cannot swim at the moment ( but i am working on it ) but can get in the garden , long may it last xxx.. I am with you on the keeping as active as possible to slow the beast down xx well said xx . xxxx Dinny xxxx

My shower used to knacker me for the rest of the morning, I now have a few towelling dressing gowns which are wonderful for drying, I get our of the shower stand on a towel and put my towelling gown on, thats the drying taken care of. I sit for about 10 minutes and all i have to do is get into the creases with my gown and I'm done! :-). Its simple things like this that help us cope XX

I'm with the towelling robes after shower and bath, they save so much energy, drip drying I call it :)

Hi lynne

Have you asked your doctor to refer you to pulomonary rehab

exercise? If you have done this already ,phone ths BLF for the name of a BLF active instructor in your city or town.

Hi Lynne I am in week 3 of 10 at pulmonary rehab. The excercises are more like aerobics but my they take it out of you which is a good thing. I have to admit I feel the benefits of the course. According to the physio we should try and push ourselves so "lose it or use" as they say. Aintgotaclue is right about it you'll meet other folks with COPD and share your probs .

Hi there Aintgotaclue and interquest. My GP, who is a COPD specialist did a quite detailed lifestyle type interview with me and ran a series of tests. He mentioned rehab but thought I didn't need it as I do regular aerobic exercise, although he did say he would refer me if I wanted to go.

My only concern is that because I work, would it fit in around that? Just so you know, I work for myself as an assessor. This means I visit various organisations all over the UK to assess them. I often have to stay away overnight or for a few days, on occasion. This makes it difficult for me to commit to a regular weekly commitment.


Yeah Im in week 3 of PR and am finding it beneficial. I mentioned this site to them and they said they will be covering it nearer the end of the course.

I have been doing the towelling robe trick for a few years now - it really does save energy. Or I could just be a lazy x

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