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Oxygen Assessment

Hi there everyone,

I haven`t blogged for a while because quite frankly I`m devastated. The last time I blogged I had spent a wonderful week in Wales, a week later it felt like a distant memory. I started to feel rubbish, I was breathless had no energy and felt generally down in the dumps, anyway I went to see the doctor who put me on steroids and anti-biotics again, completed the course, felt no better, a further return to the docs another course. OMG I had been feeling so well. I saw my respiritory physio just over a week ago, he had me walking up and down the corridor again taking my oxygen levels after every lap, at the end he said he would like to refer me for assessment for oxygen for activity I was dumfounded, I think that I felt like that because I don`t want to admit that the condition is getting worse (has anyone else felt like this) any way he gave me two options 1, to be tested before I go for rehab or 2, to go following rehab, I went for the second option. Since then I have changed my mind and decided to go for the 1st. option, I`m still breathless, feeling rubbish and getting tired of struggling. Can anyone give me an idea/advise about what will happen on the assessment, is there any discomfort and do I have to worry any more than I am doing at the moment.

Thanks guys I really would appreciate your help.

Regards Linda.

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Richard had his last week, it consists of sitting for a while to get your stas steady, then an abg test, while the results are coming in you will have to have oxygen for half an hour or so, then another abg to see if the oxygen has improved your readings. hope that helps. x

the nurse ordered oxygen which arrived the following day, he has been on ambulatory oxygen since may but now hes on 16/24

Thanks for being so prompt with this

Hope you go on OK Richard

Regards Linda

Try not to be too upset about this oakhouse2 :) The news may not be all that bad and the oxygen my only be needed temporarily. After my last stay in hospital the consultant decreed I was to have oxygen 16 hours out of 24. This really disappointed and depressed me, but I made a determined effort to comply, kept up with my exercise regime and when I went back to the hospital recently for a follow-up I was told that I was doing so well I needn't have the oxygen during the day :) just at night-time.

So you see, it may not be all that bad :)

You are a beacon that guides others that follow you knowing you understand there fears through experience which has made you a stronger wiser patient able to find the positive uplifting answer to the changes in treatment. Stay strong yourself and pass on your hard won experience.

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*blushes and thanks antz for the compliment*

I'm no different to anyone else really antz, but I am a great believer in positive thinking :)

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Hi there I recently did the walk test - see what your sats are walking didn't get far gasping even on 02 - ambulatory increased from 2L to 6L knew it was getting worse told them ages ago when discharged from hospital. Taken them months to sort out but we are getting there! Hope to return to work soon you know yourself that things are starting to be a struggle there is no shame in using 02 it will help you, I know it’s hard to accept but it will be for the best Val

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I'm due for a test in about 3 weeks. If I need extra oxygen to keep my sats up, I'd rather that than have my organs getting damage.

I found that as my general condition declined, I became more susceptible to higher humidity levels and higher ambient temperatures. On a humid day (above 75% RH) I will not even bother to go out of the house.

If you have Emphysema it WILL deteriorate usually at a predictable rate of decline.

The trick is to do everything you can to slow or reduce the rate and keep positive - probably the very hardest task of all, but the most vital.

Having my assessment tomorrow so this was an interesting read. As Baron my general condition has gone downhill. Cannot any longer tolerate humidity. I have now slowed even more. Cut out some exercise. I know I shouldn't but when feeling rubbish all the time and with tolerance declining it is the easier. I am though hoping if I get ambulatory oxygen that I will be able to exercise more and more often. So looking forward to tomorrow.

LTOT - appropriate referral criteria for copd - (according to NICE copd gudelines) ALL patients with very severe airflow obstruction (Fev1 less than 30%) should be assessed for oxygen. Even if pulse ox shows as 'borderline' ABG's should be taken as well as testing for ambulatory. Make sure you are properly and thoroughly tested derrylynne. If they don't do your ABG's, then ask either for them to be done, or for an appointment to have them done. Good luck for tomorrow. P.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks to you all for your input. derrylynne I hope all goes well tomorrow please let me know



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