David 1968- Big Thanks

Hi to all that took the time in ready my questions and a special thanks for all that replied back.

Have been worried sick waitng for the results, doc says very mind report says stage 1, so think I should thank my lucky stars, my heart goes out to all who have this disease. Please look after youself's and please please keep well.

I will keep nipping in each day to look at blogs and questions.

I am truly blessed to have found this site and to have found good true friends who funny though I have never me but share the same issues.

David 1968

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  • You're very, very welcome David - I wish you the best of luck in dealing with your lung issues and hope you stay as well as possible, for as long as possible, for yourself and your family. Given your early stage diagnosis & cooperative lungs, if can be done if you work at it!

    love, FF x

  • Thanks

    Love the name !!!

  • Hi David - ditto FF

    Look after your lungs and they will last you a good long while yet :)

  • Thanks and take care.

  • Thanks and I will be in and out every other day.


  • Thats good news david. Im at stage 1 as well. No reason we cant live a long and relatively healthy life as long as we take care of ourselves. Look after yourself. x

  • Keep off the cigs and try keep as healthy and active as you can. Enjoy life as this has been a wake up call.


  • Hi

    How long have you had it and did yu smke and if so when did you give up.

  • I was diagnosed about 18 months ago. x

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