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Not a Death Sentence

From COPD International -

"COPD is NOT a death sentence!

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), also known as Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COLD), is an umbrella term used to describe chronic lung diseases that are characterized by progressive obstruction of the airflow into and out of the lungs and increased shortness of breath. COPD is an insidious disease, which is often diagnosed after some of the lung capacity is already lost. The two main diseases included under the umbrella term of COPD include emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Often included in many definitions of COPD are bronchiectasis and refractory (severe chronic) asthma.

Surprising little had actually been learned in past years about COPD. Studies and research were very limited. Now, however, things are improving with some very encouraging studies, clinical trials and research under way for medications and treatment protocols. Research into such areas as genetics, new medications and treatment protocols promise greatly improved diagnostics and treatments for the future. These will greatly improve the quality of life for the COPD patient. A possible cure for COPD is no longer considered impossible"

Taking control of your condition with a healthy lifestyle takes us to understand:

MarkPilling BLF

31 Jul 2012


Just had a quick scan through the info. Pretty standard stuff about copd except the section about prognosis. The life expectancy of 1 year and 10 years after diagnosis is absolute rubbish. So please bear that in mind when reading the information - and then go on to read the lots of other posts on this community from people who have copd.



Doing what is necessary to live into old age:

Seniors who can still give a firm handshake and walk at a brisk pace are likely to live longer than those who can’t, according to British researchers.

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As someone living with COPD I can confirm Mark's view that the pronouncement on prognosis is rubbish :) I'm still here and going relative strongly after 13 years and know that there are fellow COPD'ers here on this site whose years since diagnosis are much more.

Keep on keeping on :)

Same here - as I have said before - my nurse gave me 3 years at prognosis - I went home mortified. I almost made the mistake of what derrylynn calls 'death by armchair' lol! Now my Doc tells me I could live well into my eighties - that's another 20 years or so - and I am like you, elian, very severe, on 02! Compliance with meds and exercise, exercise, exercise. is the name of the game - if only we could bottle it! :) ..... great to see positivity - lifts the spirits!


Most certainly the case that dire warnings of a miserable existence should not be heeded with a full life basking in the positive glow from your blog it does indeed lift the spirits looking for the silver lining in a cloud whilst taking the focus onto what life we actually have.

An end to doom and gloom there is no place for it when living the best parts to the full extent of our abilities that knowledge is a real nugget to give out when patients are diagnosed with COPD.

Taking care of ourselves was the message from pulmonary rehabilitation the question from the nurse teaching our group was how long do you want to live and will you do the exercise and healthy diet ? which will see your grandchildren grow up ( tug at the emotions ) as years pass by.

Thank you for putting this here Mouton it is great proof that being told life will be short is "absolute rubbish" with the proof being how many stories on here have told us about lives that have gone on after the fear caused by the doctors has passed.

Hi Mouton

Was there a reason why you chose to copy paste MarkPillings comment from another blog into this one?

Not quite understanding why you post the copd international comment first then Mark Pillings under it ??.

Can you explain please??

Thanks for the links will have to do more as the "seniors" description is coming home faster than expected and it is something that I have known for sometime should be getting more attention but and it is a large butt from sitting down so much it is so hard getting started.

Following on from mouton copy pasted paragraphes :


The good news is that COPD, though considered a chronic, debilitating and sometimes fatal disease, can be managed, controlled and slowed down. We can all lead good and long lives, with a great deal of quality and joy left even after the diagnosis of COPD. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with COPD, general well-being and prognosis can improve greatly with proper treatment and care.

The most important factors contributing to a longer and healthier lifestyle include, but are not limited to:

Early testing and detection of COPD

A physician who is knowledgeable in COPD and is proactive in disease management, preferably a pulmonary specialist

Following your medication regimen faithfully

Healthy eating habits

Stopping smoking

A personal exercise program approved by your physician

Education about any and all aspects of COPD and its related problems

Infection prevention to limit exacerbations which can lead to additional lung damage


Great information like this is covered on a pulmonary rehabilitation course.

:) Happy Days All :

Glad you have got the link working and not only reading the headlines for each part it helps spread happiness :D

Great news you guys are getting into pulmonary rehabilitation my local centre have over 25 years of experience with all levels covered they have a deal of things learned from those who have walked ahead and scouted the route that we are using now. If the pulmonoligist does not keep you in good shape it is time to find another not give up up on being a senior.

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