dizzy spells

Hi I was diagnosed few weeks ago with copd so have not had any follow ups yet [have appointments] since leaving hospital keep having dizzy spells, lightheaded.I stopped smoking soon as I got the news have smoked for over 40years phew its tough but have niquitin patches to help.what im trying to ask is has anybody else suffered dizzy spells could it be withdraw symptoms from ciggies or to do with copd of which I know almost nothing,apart from reading the blogs on blf .think I will check out library

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  • Withdrawal most probably, expect more side effects and not very pleasant ones. If symptoms get quite severe then see your doctor.

  • thought it might be,I am teetotal but think this is how id feel if id had one to many

  • I agree, see doc, and well done for getting to grips with the smoking, it will be the best thing you have ever done, it took me a while but got there in the end, so keep up the good work.

    Take care


  • thanks Polly starting the ciggies is so easy giving up is a whole different thing but determined to beat it. I will go to doc

  • Despite giving up the cigs in April I do suffer still with giddiness but its been put down to overbreathing as that can cause all sorts of nasty probs. Your Dr is the best one to speak to and hope that he/she can give you the answer.

  • thank you its comforting to know you have the giddiness to, going to doctors next week take care

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